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We understand the need for a competent, professional and reliable workforce in today’s professional world and it’s more than ever before. The need for competence among top-tier professionals becomes even more essential for the success of an organization, company, and industry. IGS is working to provide highly reliable and competent professionals to the working sector of all sorts. Integritas is a global organization primarily working on background evaluation of employees of our client companies and organizations and assisting them to hire the best possible workforce for their organizations

Our primary aim is to devise strategies for our client organizations to ensure that the workforce they are hiring is the best suited for their business and most reliable for the organization.

How do we do it?

We at Integritas have an expert team working internationally for the timely and authentic background check of the employees of our client companies. Our team consists of individuals who are experts in their job, responsible for their duties and keen to perform at all hours. Hence this is the reason we are available to our clients 24/7 and our customer care department responds promptly to the queries presented before us. We have our professional links in various countries therefore, it is easy for us to carry out our job even if the international boundaries have to be crossed.

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IGS – Integritas Global Services is an open platform for anyone who wants to get his credentials verified and to be able to apply for different posted here on IGS or other platforms. Online system of IGS enables people to avoid any troublesome paperwork and get verification by giving their personal information, educational information and work experience without moving to different clerical stations. It does not only is enough for self-verification but also creates a profile at IGS which helps us determine to direct related job postings suitable to your profile. IGS is a reliable source of giving your personal information and as law abiding agency, we uphold privacy laws and do not use or share your information with unauthorized entities. Self-verification is one of the amazing features introduced by IGS that not only benefits individuals actively in progress of screening for a particular company as well the ones who have just verified their educational certificates and in turn made an active profile. In this way, a loop is generated in which employees and employers can be actively engaged with each other without the interference or involvement of a third party. Also, IGS can always mediate when both the employer and the employee are interested to take the deal and work together. Already screened background of the employee to be will even save ample time of his own as well as the company or organization he is joining soon.

Value Proposition

Feet on Street
across India
like GPS used to
Conduct Verifications
Robust Quality
checks in place at
multiple levels
along with cross
98% TAT
leaders in the
Real time online
platform to submit
and monitor cases

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