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What Is an Address Check?​

In the process of doing a comprehensive background check on a candidate, an address check is becoming an increasingly important step. Companies are facing significant challenges in determining an employee’s activities and conducting other verifications due to the increased incidence of frauds such as dual identities, not providing proper documents, and living on a property owned by someone else.

There are many instances in which gathering evidence of address in bills or other documents is not sufficient. Therefore, it is essential to do a comprehensive Address check. Truthful information about the addresses of your employees or job candidates is very important, as an individual who does not provide this kind of basic information about himself or herself truly or honestly should not be trusted by an employer.

A vast number of alternative strategies and events might arise in which a business might require the personal address and credentials of an employee and if the employee doesn’t provide the right address can be an obstacle in the future. Verifying an individual’s address is thus an essential indicator that assists businesses in cutting down on the likelihood of misunderstandings, scams, and incorrect information.

Why Choose Employment Check Services
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The address check is one of the most critical steps when screening potential employees. Finding out where a candidate has lived in the past will make it much easier to validate other verification processes. This may lead to identifying locations where you should carry out criminal checks and other essential verifications on individuals. But don’t worry, we at Integritas are always available and ready to conduct employment verification for you.

Our field staff travel to the candidate’s current, permanent, and previous addresses and every address included on the form, as provided to us by the hiring manager. Through the analysis of the results, we will determine whether or not the candidate has provided an accurate address and authenticate the individual’s identity. When it comes to employing new personnel, so if you use our address check services you will have less stress.

Due to our many years of expertise in the field, the address verification experts at Integritas are highly qualified. Standard address check procedures might or might not include verifying things like home phone numbers, billing addresses for credit cards, checks on neighborhoods and neighbors, and the screening of essential documents. But at Integritas we will carry out these checks as per the requirements provided by the client.

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Importance of Address Check

Before issuing an offer of employment, the majority of employers first examine job candidates by conducting background checks. An employer may learn important information about a potential employee, such as whether or not the person has a criminal past, by doing a background check on that individual. This can assist the business to decide whether or not to hire the individual.

It is possible that searching many different state and county databases may be required in order to uncover criminal records. In order to determine which jurisdictions to look into, the business that is doing the background check has to know not only where the applicant lives today but also where they have lived in the past.

Here are some of the points regarding the importance of address check:

  • If you want total trust in a candidate’s credentials and other details a candidate has mentioned in their resume, it is essential to be aware of the address of that individual. It is necessary to conduct an address check to determine whether the candidate provided genuine details or not. If a candidate can’t provide their address he or she must be a fraud and will for sure make other potential risks for your business in the future.
  • To maintain a relationship with employees and candidates throughout the pre-hiring and post-termination stages of employment. This address check is beneficial for sending out offer letters, application forms, or final settlement documents and dues.
  • Conducting address check help businesses assist the authorities in legal administration if any employees behave in unlawful ways. Police can move investigations forward more quickly due to addressing background check results and your business will be safeguarded regarding any future allegations from government authorities.
  • A field officer will visit the provided address to undertake background screening. The field officer verified the information of the location, the home of stay, the ownership status, and the information of any other members living there. If the door is locked, the officer will verify the information with persons in the vicinity. This will make sure that every possible initiative is taken to verify the details of candidates which will help you and your business in the future from any allegations.
  • If you engage with other businesses, such as a bank or a lawyer, you may use business address verification to ensure you’re delivering important documents and files to the correct address. 
  • You will reduce wasted communications by saving only accurate addresses in your databases. This will save both time and money.

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