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Nowadays, companies hire us, best background screening companies in Bangalore. The verification process is done by the screening of:

  • Candidate’s college degrees
  • Work history
  • Academic certificates
  • Legal records
  • Credit scores

This employee background verification & screening is done in 3 to 10 days. Nevertheless, it extends when companies ask for an in-depth check for senior-level hiring. Generally, we, background Verification & screening Companies in Bangalore run a check of the background once the candidate qualifies the interview rounds. Before confirming a job, we, best Background Verification & Screening Companies in Bangalore consider these details:

  • Work history- We, the background verification companies check with the candidates’ past employers, candidate’s roles, performance history, pay, and conduct in the company. Also, drug test results, if required.
  • Public records- We can access easily the criminal history and court records from a law enforcement agency.
  • Address verification- This is done to understand if the candidate is hiding some past, is the address correct, etc.
  • Education records- We, the Employee Background Verification & screening Company reaches to match your credentials by reaching to your university. This is done as forging degrees, giving bogus grades, and fake certificates are now common corporate fraud types.

Thus, for us, companies doing a background check is a way of saying basically to the candidate: Don’t ever lie to us, we are experts in digging up dirt. The moment we find you are lying, bear in mind there is no scope of seeking entry.

Why Integritas?

Background screening & verification is an important method. There are many situations, where the background checking of a person is important. You can involve a team or an experienced individual for checking and knowing the background of your new employee is important. Renting someone an apartment or employing someone for a job are two important most important reasons for hiring the background screening services in Ahmedabad. To find out certain information about a person, you need to go for the background screening & verification process.

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