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A background screening is a method to know your new staffs well. The background check companies in Kolkata have unrestricted access to huge databases and they can even perform deep and customized searches to meet the distinct requirements of their clients.

Legitimate and targeted searches can be carried out by these screening service providers without disclosing any particular information given by you. The process of employee screening & verification will go step by step. It involves the complete background verification & screening of the applicant or the complete search for their criminal records. These details comprise of arrests, warrant issued or arrests, misbehavior, state documentation or the serious law-breaking tasks. It checks only whether there is accessible mug shots, sex offences of any type of other crimes. You can easily search online to find the best one from Kolkata for background screening. Different websites and even government organizations can offer you the complete details you are looking for before hiring one. This complete check or the service will help you to take the final decision about employment.

Reason of criminal background check

Reliable result

Whether you are hiring temporary, contractual, or permanent employees for your office, it is always advisable to perform criminal background checks with the help of an Either performed by physically visiting relevant regulatory bodies or online, it protects you from unlawful activities in your company premises and guards your employees and the company against any kind of harm. These checks are always recommended as you would not want to risk the safety and name of your company in the industry. A professional and well-experienced employee background verification services in Kolkata can perform the check and they are eligible only to offer the reliable result of their checks.

Checking out the records or past history

All these details are available on public records and it could be retrieved by the best employee background verification & screening companies as well as individual service providers. You can also conduct your own criminal check by providing all your needed credentials online and can get complete result for the search. This is a secure, safe and reliable method to validate all your details.  All your information will be kept confidential. But it is always good to hire a professional company with good experience to carry out these verifications for the new applicants of your company.

Financial record checking

Employee background screening services in Kolkata may provide you with the complete account details of the history of the candidate that he has against his name. The information they give will also contain the name of people, organizations or the regulatory bodies that have listed against the candidate at different mediums. In this way, you will be able to identify the right person for employment and it is the best way to protect yourself from future problems or lawsuits. The pre-employment criminal background checks can disclose also criminal sentences and all the pending lawsuits with the Supreme Court and state, with detailed case reports. It will specify also the date of the indictment, the detail of criminal offence like it is just misbehavior or acute criminal offence, whether time was served or not and they will also check the details of due fines and probation details.

Court history checking

The employee background verification services in Kolkata will also check the records of the courts that have all the needed information about crimes of federal nature, including fraud, counterfeiting, wiretapping and money laundering etc. A checking process will also clarify any time spent by the candidate in prisons. They investigate state and national level sex criminal databases to identify if a candidate has been booked as the sex felon in past.

Why Integritas?

The criminal background screening & verification information is truly helpful in ascertaining probable alcohol, violent behavior and drug abuse, character, and values and offers safety against negligent hiring court cases etc. The result and outcomes of negligent employment process can be distressing. Making complete pre-employment criminal background check is a vital part of a meticulous hiring procedure. Irrespective of the size of your particular company, your employment verification checks should encompass the best methods of validating the employment and detailed Education check of a candidate; it will check address history and detailed criminal records. It is your entitlement and your requirement and to find out the true facts about a person, who might have the closeness, detail and capability to accidentally or deliberately cause any harm or issues to your company. It is your right to protect your company and other employees from being hurt by the candidates whom you have employed.

Best background screening companies in Kolkata have unrestricted access to a huge amount of databases. Due to the offered services and customized work manner, you can meet your requirements best with them.  Complete screening & verification is important to make informed choices for your company. You will get complete safety and effective workforce too.

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