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Employment background screening & verification in Trivandrum has become an extension of several HR functions. More than eighty per cent of big companies perform background checks on the new hires. There are many companies that are expanding efforts to include complete checks of employment history, information about their past deeds, credit history checking, driving histories etc. most of the best employee background verification services in Trivandrum offer complete background checks, a useful weapon for the companies to know their employees.

Here are a few common mistakes that one can avoid:

  1. Not establishing a standard policy of background check

As the companies are conducting different types of background check, that does not mean that they are performing proper checks in a consistent process or they are using the data in a proper way.  It is important to have the same type of background check is performed for each and every person and the data of the check should comply with all the state, company, industry and federal regulations. It prohibits also different types of discrimination.

  1. Missing proper education and employment details

To secure a good candidate seemingly in a faster manner can make the companies hire someone by depending on face value only. This is actually a big mistake for them. Many of the resumes of candidates come with little misrepresentation especially on checking the education, history and experience. Even where there is no necessity of checking experience to get success, a misrepresentation with the purpose and have some problems in the character of your potential hire. One of the big vulnerable of different companies is among their unchecked temporary employees and suppliers. There are people with an unclear background who gravitate to the companies where the process of employee check performs mostly by the other employees. Going for employee background verification in Trivandrum should be included in the policy of the employees. It should add background screening of vendors, contracts etc. 

  1. Missing the international level check

We have a global talent pool today. Even the candidates of a particular country may have completed a part of their education or have achieved a special education outside their country. It makes it important to go for an international background check of the employees. It is a complicated process that usually governed by different policies, local statutes and procedures. HR professionals of a company or a good background screening & verification services in Trivandrum may have a reputable partner for international background screening.  They have country-specific knowledge and good expertise to assure you the best quality. HR professionals need to look for a good and reputed partner who is perfect to help them to gather international level information on the person. They should have the power to assure quality information only.

  1. Not giving protection against the retention of negligence

If any of your employees found involved in criminal activities, cause harm in your protected workplace, drug abuse or driving infringements or any kind of criminal activities can found liable for retention or negligence in hiring. It is essential to conduct a complete check before hiring. Post-hire criminal check is equally important like the pre-hire check. Even drug testing is important after post-hire.

  1. Relying more on the processes of manual internal

Human error is more obvious as per the information are hand-entered into the systems or forms. Even the unscrupulous candidates can add different types of information on their employment application, CV or on the form of background checking. It is really difficult for the company to notice every detail from those piles of papers. To avoid human error most of the employee background screening & verification services in Trivandrum are using the e-recruiting software.  The data will be sorted automatically for the background screening as the screening provider requests for it. Checking will be proper with this seamless method. There is no-necessity of duplicate entry of any data.

These mistakes should be avoided at the time of hiring and even checking the background of an employee after hiring.

Why Integritas?

Background checking is very much an important part of the corporate mainstream that it is now integrated into e-recruiting software so that the HR department can initiate checks in seconds. This type of integration can save time significantly and can reduce also the chance of fraud or error.

In spite of the fact that employee background screening & verification services in Trivandrum is very much popular and technology has made is an accessible tool, organizations may still make many mistakes in their background practices and procedures. These errors can leave different companies vulnerable to the things that they are doing background screening & verification to avoid violence in the workplace, negligent hiring, and the presence of sex offenders, substance abusers, terrorists, or other types of criminal behavior in the workplace.

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