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There is a lot of misrepresentation on the part of candidates just to get hired. The consequences are not limited to the harnessing of the employee’s career. The organization also suffers in terms of budget and at times in goodwill. The list of BGV companies includes some prominent names that have their repute built up because of their staunch verification process. Their experience encompasses the reasons for background verification. It is based on the requirement of every business organization. Some of the covered aspects include past experience verification, educational qualification, management results, accounts performance and skillset verification. All of these benefit the employer to maximize its returns.

The BGV companies in Bangalore help the software businesses validate the data of the applicant for some sensitive jobs. Positions, such as consumer data management, need to have the personnel with requisite qualification and durable past performance. That is how the employer would be able to please its customers. Otherwise, there will be a loss only. And if the matter goes into serious domains, the matter could escalate in the consumer protection courts.

Similarly, the BGV companies in Chennai assist the wholesalers and the producers to verify the past role of the candidate. The production level requires professional qualifications. And in the absence of it, the applicant cannot work in a refinery or a factory. An unfortunate fact is that some candidates forge up their resumes reflecting a production management role, just for the sake of getting a job. But when the organizations neglect to get their resumes verified, they bear the significant loss.

BGV companies in Hyderabad assist numerous businesses to appoint reasonable employees to certain roles. The roles in the accounts department, law affairs, administration and management, and security are of great concern. Hiring people without verification onto these roles may have the most dangerous consequences for any business. In a way, if a bank appoints a security in-charge without verifying his past performance may increase the chances of a con act.

Just because of all such aspects, businesses rely on getting the credentials of the candidates verified. The short-run plans are mainly easy to execute. But when you plan the long run, you need to make a sound team that could help you dwell forward. If you understand this, you may also know that some organizations even prefer verifying the personal details of the candidates. Well, most of the businesses outsource this task to the background verification companies. That gives them an edge on all such businesses that rely on their internal HR teams. This is just because the in-house HR department may not have that much access or tool to verify the candidates. But the companies that primarily operate to do this job have everything needed to run this task.

This protects the existing employees in organizations from various different threats. Especially the women, who are subject to sexual harassment just because of a stinky fish that corrupts the whole atmosphere.

Why Integritas?

The role of Background Verification (BGV) companies is quite influential in every economy. The BGV companies make the on-scale measures possible to curb corruption and fraudulent activities. The process of verification is necessary while hiring new employees. The methods followed help in matching the past performance of the employee with their resume. Unfortunately, employees often lie a lot to get a job. Such as hiding any poor performance in the past organization, or concealing an HR policy abuse that made them lose their job. Further, a study conducted in the US shows that averagely a company spends equal to the annual salaries of employees to hire them.

Many employees lose their jobs after their employers learn about their daunting past performance. On a hilarious note, many applicants do not even know that some companies follow the verification. And by chance their falsified facts are caught up by the HR, giving them no chance to work with them. At times some errors also affect the hiring process. Such as an unintentional error in the personal credentials of applicants who suffer them to not get a job. One such example is of freshly married applicants, who do update their resume but do not ponder to get their national identification updated.

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