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What does education verification services do?

It is unfeasible for any company to verify the education of each employee at its own while indulging with its business plans and they’ve to look for the third party to get the services. Since the decade when education verification has recognized its importance in India, many companies have started to provide education verification services for their clients on nominal charges. Most companies provide their services throughout the country and satisfy their customers. Let us guide you about the education verification services in a few of the big cities of India:  

Education verification in Hyderabad

Being a capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad is a business hub for many Indians. Like the rest of India, almost all big companies are providing education verification services in Hyderabad. If you’re an employer in Hyderabad and looking for cheap but authentic education verification in Hyderabad, then “Info Quest” can be one of your preferred choices. 

“Info Quest” is a Hyderabad based company that works closely with universities to check the credentials of employees. Then “iCrederity” is one of the pioneer companies in India to provide education verification services. You can also contact others in India by visiting their websites and can talk about the rates. 

Education verification in Chennai

Chennai is an economic hub of an automobile, hardware and many other big businesses as it is situated at the Bay of Bengal and the capital of one of India’s largest province Tamil Nadu. If you are a boss in any organization in Chennai, then here is good news for you that education verification in Chennai is at your doorstep. Many companies are providing educational verification through online services in Chennai, asides working through posts. “Facts” is one of the companies that can verify the educational degrees from more than 9000 universities worldwide in a short time. Any Chennai based business can also hire the services of Prompt personal, Pinnacle Human resource to check the credentials of its employees by simply visiting the websites and submitting your query.

Education verification in Bangalore

While living in India’s tech capital Bangalore, you must be thinking to run a business here. For any profitable business, hiring an indisputable and well-qualified staff is a big task. Education verification in Bangalore is trouble-free now as many big companies are providing these services by email, through mobile apps or by posts. Asides contacting with above mentioned reliable companies, an employer from Bangalore can contact “Just Verified” to verify the degrees of its employees through a simple and reliable mobile application. “Indiamart” is another big name to verify education credentials in India including Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. “Indiamart” screens the provided information of candidates carefully and feedback you with authentic check in a short time.


The above-mentioned and many other companies that are providing education verification are accessible through their web pages in almost all big cities of India. As digital development has made ways to print or produce any fake document just like the real then education verification has marked its significance in recent years. Employers are constrained to put a budget to hire the services of any third party to verify the degrees of its workers. Secondly, there are many public/private universities whose degrees are not recognized and they waste the time and money of students so it is necessary to check out the status of any degree before taking admission or hiring a person. India is a second populace country in the world with numerous colleges and universities. Many Indians excelled in their skills from international universities too and come back to serve the country. While producing a lot of employment opportunities it is necessary to filter the genuine degree holders from the fake ones to stand the country at a higher rank and education verification is a milestone in this journey. 

Why Integritas?

Companies, organizations, and offices get hundreds of applications on vacant posts. A job application covers the degrees, experience and necessary credentials of a candidate without attaching any authentic proof. After listening to the fake degree scandals on and off and to avoid any trick with the provided information, to choose the best and genuine employee, offices go for the education verification of their newly appointed workers. Education verification check not only confirms the authenticity of an educational degree, diploma or certificate from the concerned educational department but also surrounds the criminal history, identity check and residential proofs of any person. It aids the companies to hire the competent candidates.

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