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What is police verification?

Police verification is a process to get information about the individual, history of the individual and details about the criminal history of the individual if any. When police verification is required for the government job, the concerned police station creates a report about the individual including remarks about criminal record details if any. If there is any criminal complaint against the individual, it is filed at the local police station where he/she stays. Police verification is used for many reasons like a government job, issue of the passport and tenant verification. 

Required documents for the Police verification

The following documents are required for police verification.

  • Verification form and attach a recent photograph
  • Proof of DOB
  • Proof of Present Address
  • Proof of ID
  • Documents related to government job
  • passport

Why police verification is needed?

Police verification is a key factor in the hiring process for the government. It shows the criminal history of the selectee and helps to understand the character and behavior of the selectee that if he was involved in any criminal activities. If they find your criminal record, you will be rejected. The police verification is involved in the following steps.  

  • Residential address verification
  • Criminal record verification if any
  • Remarks about criminal record
  • Verification of documents provided

The police at the local station produce all these verifications. These verifications help the employer to determine the decision to hire the individual or not. 

The procedure of police verification

When an employee is selected after the test, interview and medical test the employer asked the selectee to produce the police verification. There are chances that the process of verification varies in different states of India. It is possible that the process of verification is slightly different from police verification for employees in Bangalore. If you are living in Chennai, look for the police verification for employees in Chennai. And if you are living in Hyderabad, look for the police verification for employees in Hyderabad. To furnish the police verification, the selectee should follow the following procedure in order to obtain the police verification certificate. 

  • The employer of the selectee sends a verification request to the district magistrate office along with a verification letter. 
  • The district magistrate office then forwards the verification request letter to the police superintendent. 
  • Then this verification request letter is forwarded to the local police station by the superintendent of police as per the address is mentioned in your application submitted to the employer by the individual. 
  • Then the local police station sends a police officer or constable to your resident address to verify the address and other documents that are mention in this piece of writing. 
  • It is the duty of the local police station to check your criminal status in their records and verify. 
  • Then the local police station produces a verification report of the said individual and sends it back to the superintendent of the police. 
  • The superintendent of the police office forwards the verification report of the said selectee to the district magistrate office. 
  • The office of the district magistrate forwards the furnished verification report to the employer with additional remarks in the view to the report of the superintendent of the police. 

The police verification process takes approximately ten to fifteen days. You can check the status of your verification process at your local status. 

Why Integritas?

In the old times, people work very hard to get a government job in India. However, things are the same in recent times for your generations. For most of the Indian people, a government job is a lifetime opportunity. People with government jobs are considered the most important entity of the country and they have to save financial future. If you are the one who scored a job in any department of the government, then this article is for you. For selectees, it is important to furnish the police verification form to the authorities. This verification is very essential to secure your spot. Therefore, if you wonder, how police verification works, we are here to help you to describe the complete process of police verification. Here is everything you need to know. Police verification for employees is done at the request of the employer through the proper channel. 

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