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The measurements to assess the viability of the recruitment arrangements are normally the total quality and performance of sourced employees, employee churn and turnover. We ensure that evaluation metrics are always balanced with the right ingredients.

HR Consulting

Are you looking for HR consulting? We are a team of professionals with decades of leadership and consulting experience who can help you with employee engagement to merges and acquisitions, retirement and compensation to employee benefits.

Job Seekers

Hello aspirant, are you hunting for a job that provides you satisfaction and better pay? Are you not sure where you fit in? We got you covered. Fill in your details and submit your CV and wait for the magic to happen.

Why are we the Best?

We realize that we have entered an entirely different world than the world that was 20 years ago and needless to mention, we are talking about the internet and then social media revolution. Significant changes in technology over the past decade are having a profound impact on recruiting strategies, with staffing professionals increasingly using social networking sites to source, contact, and screen both active and passive job candidates. Almost in all job applications or cover letters, candidates mention their social media handles and thus make it a part of our record. Specifically, the issues and best practices related to the development of a comprehensive employment application, resume management, telephone and video screening, interview techniques, pre-employment testing, eligibility verification, and background investigations, as well as the legal implications of using such screening tools are important factors to be considered in the recruitment of employees. For successful recruitment, one must consult a reliable source that is affiliated with reputable companies and has a history of a high employment rate. IGS has all the above domains checked positively and is known as one of the biggest names in the successful verification of employees leading to their prompt recruitment.

How We Make You Win

Here we are giving you a chance to be a part of our team as a permanent member or work with us on a limited contract. How are we different from other screening agencies? Well IGS stands out due to its vast experience and professional accomplishments over the period of time. It is a great learning experience for newcomers and we encourage young graduates to join us right after their college to experience a unique learning environment with the comfort of a relaxed job. We train these young minds how to look for right jobs according to their skill set. IGS is more than a screening agency now because our trained individuals have entered industry as HR managers, directors and grabbed many top-tier jobs. In addition to that, our team is improving its skills with every passing day to improve the screening techniques, handling the client companies and discussing their demands followed by doable solutions, we are facing new challenges every day and conquering them.


The process of recruitment is simple. When a client approaches us with demand of certain skill sets, we record all those requirements in our system. The discussion between us and the client company revolves around what is the scope and perspective of the company in the near future and what incentives it is giving to its employees. As much as IGS takes care of the client company, we look at the interests of the potential employees also against whom we have to run background check. It is a policy of IGS to cover the project from all angles hence the initial discussions are the longest. Once the agreement has been between clients and demands, next step is to look for suitable audience.

The suitable audience or actual target is our system’s records and the record given the client company as well. Once we have the list to be evaluated at IGS, our actual work begins. IGS runs an extensive background check of the targeted audience from residence, education, criminal or drug history, tenant and travel records to past employment history. We make sure that our client companies choose highly professional and committed individuals for their organizations and that is not possible without assistance in knowing who has a clean and clear history and can be fully trusted with the new role in our client company. Our staff is very professional and highly experienced to provide you the best options you are looking for recruiting in your business or industry. Where and why do we have this confidence from? Our team has exceptional IT skills and with latest technologies, we make sure that the mapping done by experts involves only individuals who are in accordance with your business demands. Once such a group is created, any further step is taken to narrow down your choices and finally meeting the best possible choice for a particular job. IGS completes the entire process with utmost professionalism and responsibility and we do not question our judgement at IGS. Why? Because we follow purely computational techniques minimizing human interaction to avoid any error.

Why prefer IGS over a full time overseeing the recruiting and screening process? Well, because at IGS, instead of a person does not make human error, is not biased, is rational and works efficiently. It is the age to hail technology and IGS is a shining proof of how better and facilitating business can get if technology is incorporated well.

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Why Integritas?

IGS has the best services to offer: reliable background check of potential employees, professionally sound jobs with relaxed working hours and interesting job descriptions. On our platform, companies can submit their most attractive job packages and candidates can select from a variety of options the one choice that best suits them. We at IGS ensure that pay scales of attractive jobs are posted with specially enhanced viewership and readership so that more competent employees can be recruited in no time. A quick recruitment process is beneficial for both employer and employee and IGS has no extra procedures to use as delaying techniques.

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