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Criminal Check

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What Is an Criminal check?‚Äč

A criminal check is one of the elements of an employment background check which is always most commonly used by almost every industry. An employment or pre-employment criminal check is an official inquiry into an individual’s background that is used to assist in making decisions on whether or not to recruit, promote, contract with, or use the services of that individual.

Depending on the type of criminal check that is run and the court record that is checked, the results may indicate a variety of various offenses. For instance, a search of a database containing criminal records for one state will only reveal illegal activity inside that particular state’s criminal justice system. However, employers can search various states and regions depending on where the applicant resides or if a nationwide search finds criminal behavior in more than one state. These factors are taken into consideration when doing a background check.

An employer can determine whether a candidate’s past behavior may negatively affect their ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, and/or whether the candidate could pose a potential risk to clients and coworkers, by conducting a criminal background check on the candidate. Even while it’s not always accurate, previous actions are often indicative of future behavior.

After an offer has been made, the decision-making process should include a comprehensive background check that also includes a verification of the individual’s criminal history. (It’s also important to keep in mind that in many states and municipalities, a criminal background check cannot be undertaken until a conditional offer of employment has been made.

Why Choose Criminal Check
from Integritas

Integritas does a trustworthy and professional criminal check that is in tune with the unique requirements of a business as well as the local power and regional legislation to uncover any criminal charges related to the candidate. A detailed search is also performed at various relevant levels of government documents referring to a candidate’s nationality and influence to disclose any prior verdicts that are publicly available.

The extensive networks of Integritas make it possible for comprehensive criminal checks in various geographical locations to carry out trustworthy criminal checks tailored to profiles, industries, verticals, and regulatory restrictions.

We at Integritas check potential employees’ names, nationalities, addresses, middle names, and birth dates to see whether they have any prior convictions. Before making a hiring decision, clients receive an authenticated report containing all the information regarding cases, including the date the lawsuits were filed, the charges, the location, the case number, the current status, and the results. This report helps clients identify any potential risks.

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Importance of Criminal Check

  • Candidates must be recruited in a secure and unbiased manner. Recruiting new employees is a continuous process for businesses, and all these businesses must take precautions to guarantee that comprehensive investigation helps limit the risks of making poor recruiting decisions in addition getting reported for a crime is not a usual thing a candidate having a criminal record can harm your business in future it’s utmost important to use criminal check.
  • Onboarding a criminal into your business may sometimes result in legal trouble. When performing a criminal check, it is essential to ensure adherence to applicable international, national, or state legal standards.
  • When doing background checks or criminal checks, every business should follow a standard operating protocol (or set of protocols). To select the proper candidate, you need to ensure that they are willing to adhere to the guidelines and policies of the business.
  • By conducting criminal checks you can discover the hidden sides of candidates by evaluating the actions they have taken in the past. This may assist uncover hidden things about the candidates who seem too good to be true.
  • It is essential to include criminal background checks as part of the recruiting process in order to safeguard your business’s relationships with your customers, employees, and vendors.

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