Do Employee Background Checks Include Traffic Violations?

Whenever we are engaged in any type of car accident, our major concern arises if we and the rest of the people involved in it, are safe or not. Another concern that tends to arise is the expense of the accident’s damage and the decision we need to make about our car insurance. However, one question that we rarely consider until quite later in life is whether a car accident that resulted in traffic violation penalties may affect your future job prospects!

Many people’s driving histories include traffic violations. But can that possibly affect your job prospects? Simple infractions such as speeding fines or illegal parking can have serious ramifications. These violations might result in hefty financial penalties. They may also influence your professional life. What effect will they have on your job aspirations?

Do Employee Background Checks Include Traffic Violations? Dive into this article to know more.

What are Traffic Violations?

If someone breaks a traffic law while driving a car, it is called a traffic violation. Infractions, misdemeanours, and felonies are the most common types of traffic violations. Each state’s motor vehicle agency, on the other hand, may define, handle, and sanction offences in a variety of ways. Moving and non-moving violations are two types of violations. When a vehicle is in motion at the moment of the violation, it is called a moving traffic violation. Skipping a red light, swerving, and driving while drunk are all examples of moving offences. These infractions are more serious than non-moving violations because they put other drivers and others on the road at risk.

Do Employee Background Checks Include Traffic Violations?

In short, yes companies may include traffic violations in Employee Background checks. Before granting you the job opportunity, most companies will do a background check to see whether you have any troubled background. This will be usually the last stage in the hiring procedure before you receive a formal offer. Criminal crimes are typically serious offences and companies might not take risks in these cases. Among the traffic violations include driving without a license or with a suspended license, fleeing the accident scene, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, and vehicular homicide or manslaughter. Simply stated, most businesses want to know that they’re employing someone with a clean criminal record and a strong reputation for previous legal behaviour. While not all jobs will verify your driving record and tickets, some will, particularly if the work requires driving.


Do traffic violations hinder you from getting employed?

Traffic violations may hinder you from being hired in several situations. These scenarios, however, are uncommon. It will be determined by the sort of traffic offence and the jobs you are applying for.

For example, If the work does not require driving, the potential employer will consider prior criminal convictions, and may not be interested in knowing about traffic violations.

Some facts that could be considered by the employer in the background check-

  • How long has it been since you got the violation?

After seven years, the majority of traffic offences will be erased from your record. The earlier the offence happened, the greater the chances of not affecting your hiring.

  • The severity of the traffic violation

A speeding citation for five miles exceeding the speed limit will not have the same impact on your records as one for ten miles or more.

  • Have you committed numerous offences?

A single infraction might be unintentional, and a prospective employer might forgive you. Multiple infractions in a short period, on the other hand, reflect irresponsibility or a disregard for the rights of others. Employers will be less inclined to overlook it.

  • The firm’s traffic infraction policies

Each company has its own set of regulations regarding traffic violations. Examine it prior to applying for the position, to see if you can see any potential problems.

But, what are the ways that traffic violations might harm your career prospects? Let’s take a look at it!


Don’t allow traffic violations to put your chances of getting a job on hold!

Due to traffic offences, over 7 million people lost their driving licenses. Traffic infractions do appear on driving record checks, as we have learned. We also discovered how traffic offences might affect your career prospects and how to enhance your chances. However, your driving record isn’t the only background check you’ll face. Employers frequently conduct multiple background investigations. Don’t let your employment possibilities slip away.

Always make sure to ask for a copy of your driving history from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is the easiest approach to preparing for a background check if you’re looking for a job that requires driving. As a result, you must be truthful about whatever prospective employers see while reviewing your records. If you get a speeding or parking citation, though, you won’t have to bother quite so much. You can easily manage yourself more professionally if you understand what potential recruiters are searching for. What may appear little to you may be a problem that the organization must tackle. As a result, it’s better to appreciate their judgments and avoid becoming argumentative about your past.



Thus, a traffic infraction is defined as an action that breaches the traffic laws of the state or nation. Although traffic infractions might have an impact on your career prospects, they do not necessarily disqualify you. When choosing individuals who will be driving business cars, employers tend to look at driving histories. Other important checks and aspects, depending on the job role and position, may play a role in determining whether a candidate is suitable for the job role or not. That way, during the employment process, potential employers will have a clear picture of who they’re employing.

Therefore, we hope this article “Do Employee Background Checks Include Traffic Violations?” helps you and cleared all your doubts about traffic violations and background checks.


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