Does social media show up on background checks?

Does social media show up on background checks?

As a hiring authority or manager concerned with interviews, you might want to know about the background of your employer. You might need to check this background to be reliable as this is the most necessary check for hiring an employee. More than skills, many companies value the traits of honesty and punctuality. These traits can be seen and, to some extent, can be predicted by social media. This social media ranges from YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This helps you view their previous jobs, companies, lives, experiences, interests, etc.

Recent research has noticed that an internet user usually has 7 social media accounts to use. These days, people use social media for earning and pondering skills that help them improve their talent and fetch them an appraisal. Many businesses can also improve through social media. Many make social media their business through various job opportunities, such as social media manager, content writer, scriptwriter, graphic designer, etc. So social media is becoming the new face of the digitized globe. Now let us look at the salient features of social media with background checks.

The effect of social media on your company

Many employees will be asked to, or instead prefer to, keep their LinkedIn or other social media profiles closed. Still, sometimes you might find that social media sites such as LinkedIn poses as the face of your company. Any aggressive comments or facts posted by any of your employees can affect your reputation and your company’s reputation among your clients. This might get you a bad name among your competitors and bring your business down. Sometimes, a person who leaves your company after a bad relationship or memory with you might post cruel things about you and your company. These posts hold value in applications like LinkedIn. These applications are known for business and job opportunities and serve as social media. This news can spread among your clients like a mocking forest fire. So your employee’s social media activity holds great weight among the community.

What does social media reflect?

To know the following things about your job applicants, you must do a social media check and research. This can ease your interview process, and you can make your first evaluation through the candidate’s social media. Even after hiring, you can analyze their potential through their social media.

  • You can ponder their schooling and college lives, educational qualifications, and experience.
  • Their perspective toward life or their dreams and ambition.
  • Their way of addressing their seniors, their approach towards work and group activities.
  • You can also understand their positives and negatives and turn them into a possible source of productivity for the company.
  • For example, suppose someone is strict and arrogant or short-tempered regarding punctuality. In that case, their negatives can be made feasible for your company.
  • Their speaking and communication skills and approach towards friends, colleagues, and clients. This makes them improve on their negative aspects.

You can avoid candidates with a foul profile with disgusting language and content. Candidates to be avoided may include,

  • A character that reflects unprofessional instincts and negatively impacts the company, such as a person with an excessive addiction to social media usage.
  • See the language and content posted by the candidate if it seems foul and unacceptable. Avoid that candidate.
  • People who seem to complete their tasks within the given timeline work punctually under your hiring.
  • A person who posts content regarding drugs and their addiction. Avoid it if you find their profile disturbing because of their drug abuse.
  • Content that shows a foul tongue and irresponsible nature should be checked and avoided.
  • People who post contradictory content that might pose an issue should be avoided, as this person might cause damage to their reputation in the days to come.

Procedure to conduct social media check-

  • To check your employee perspective and performance in job-related activities through prior experience and educational qualifications, LinkedIn is the fairest option.
  • Involve trained personnel for social media checks, such as the human resources department. They are well versed in screening candidates. So please don’t include your manager, who might lead them in further social media checks.
  • Perform background checks for every candidate, and don’t do it for all positions, as this might be a tiresome process for you. If you choose to do a background check for all concerned candidates, this removes bias and ensures randomness to ensure a fair interview.
  • Do not interfere with the recruits’ privacy. Check their posts only when they leave their page open, and don’t ask for a password from your employee. This might give you a wrong impression.
  • Look at the guidelines you seek as positive and negative in a profile. Stick to it, and don’t be prejudiced toward your recruits.
  • Do a background check for recruitment through any firm. Many companies will take this job as a virtue to reduce the burden on other companies. Just state your expectations and the integrity you expect and avoid in a candidate. Be specific regarding your needs.
  • Hiring a company to do a background check will provide you with a legal shield to face complaints and queries. Doing it yourself might reduce the amount spent and result in a profit, but it also makes you prone to legal problems.


Thus, an expert in hiring employees and the human resources department always want to avoid wasting time on poor candidates who might turn out to be unnecessary. Social media does show up on background checks and has a more significant impact, especially in the HR round. It can impact the employer both positively and negatively, depending upon the activities of the job seeker.

So, it is always advisable, especially in these modern times, to do a social media background check for recruits. It would tell a lot about the person’s character and mentality and help bring the right person with the right mindset into the organization.


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