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Drug Screening

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What Is an Drug Screening?

India is currently facing a rapid increase in drug usage. Substance misuse can become a significant problem in corporate HR departments. Many businesses are attempting to identify the fundamental causes of such a threat. When drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin are consumed, they enter the body system and leave behind residues. 

A drug screening (also known as a drug test) is the collection and analysis of blood, urine, hair, or saliva to identify the presence of chemicals and contaminants left in the body after drug use. Drug tests will help businesses get a report about a candidate using drugs and eliminate any future mishappening.

Why Choose Drug Screening Services
from Integritas

Integritas assists in conducting drug and alcohol screenings on candidates and existing staff members. Our Drug Screening Services are convenient and comprehensive, providing lab-based and fast drug testing and access to a broad range of networks throughout India and other parts of the world. Our services are designed to fulfill integrated commands, legislation, and individual business policies and requirements. We guarantee that your workplace is safe, drug-free, and healthy by providing drug background screening options tailored to your needs, location, and budget constraints.

The primary objective of Integritas is to make the workplace and its employees safer. A workplace that is free of drugs can improve workplace safety and reduce the number of injuries, reduce the costs that are posed by the misuse of alcohol and drugs in the workplace, increase workplace productivity, and discourage employees from engaging in the use of these substances while they are at work.

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Importance of Drug Screening?

Drug testing reduces the likelihood of workplace accidents significantly. When you have drug-free employees, you can rely on their attention to detail or any future mishappenings.

When your organization is drug-free, you know that your employees are less likely to harm or hurt others. Employees that take drugs can cost your business thousands of dollars in missing details, which can result in legal action and workers’ compensation expenditures.

For several reasons, drug testing is essential to the hiring process and the routine upkeep of a business. This has been shown to be the most effective preventative approach for ensuring workplace safety.

Employee drug usage increases the likelihood of an incident; hence, doing all possible to prevent it from happening in your business is essential.

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