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Education Check

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What Is an Education check?​

If an employer wants to know whether or not a candidate meets the job criteria, the assessor should verify the candidate’s education and credentials when checking their resume. It is also one of the primary sections of a candidate’s resume that is subject to misrepresentation. As there are some positions in a company that requires a certain degree and certification there is a very high possibility that some of the candidates prepare a fake degree or document to be eligible for the job. An educational check is an evaluation of one’s educational history and credentials, which will assist recruiters in confirming all information regarding a candidate’s educational background, beginning with high school and extending through all successive levels of education, including vocational schools, universities, and colleges. During this screening, a business will verify the dates of attendance as well as determine whether or not the degree was earned. Before you decide to hire a candidate, doing this verification can also assist you in determining if there are any possible discrepancies that will cause your business harm in the future.

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At Integritas, we collaborate closely with candidates and institutions to guarantee that all relevant verification procedures are performed properly. Our education verification may or may not include the candidate’s direct involvement. The candidate’s details mentioned in the resume such as internships, and other certificate courses are also included in the screening test. The whole procedure at Integritas is carried out according to the suggestions of the company’s/executive and our expertise and experience in the field.

Integritas Education Check Processes is designed to authenticate candidates’ education claims and often involve close communication with universities, college registrars, and the educational institutions’ administrative authorities. This helps businesses identify false degrees, colleges, dates, and grades. Integritas contacts the relevant authorities or educational institutions directly to verify the accuracy of the provided candidate information.

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Why Should You Perform an Education check While Recruiting?

If a candidate wants to be considered for any entry-level job, candidates need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Some candidates may exaggerate their credentials to distinguish themselves from the competition and ultimately get the job. Since an applicant’s educational history provides employers with information about the applicant’s competencies, skills, and knowledge level, providing false information about education and because of this, the business could end up hiring individuals who aren’t qualified, which would be bad for both their business and their reputation.

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Importance of Education Check

Verifying a candidate’s education check is done so that employers can determine whether or not the degrees and training shown on a candidate’s CV are legitimate or genuine. When you hire someone because of their educational qualifications or training, you have the expectation that they would use them to their advantage while working for you.

Since educational institutions are responsible for molding a sizeable portion of an individual’s life, it is of the utmost importance for these institutions to design and make available to their students a secure environment conducive to their personal expansion and development.

Here are some of the points regarding the importance of an education check:

  • Hiring the right person for the job might be challenging when most candidates include false information about their education. It is tough to confirm the information on a candidate’s resume but with the help of an education check, you can be sure you are hiring the right person for the right job. This ensures that the candidate adheres to the minimum requirements for the position.. 
  • Education checks for employment are used to verify a job applicant’s certification or educational claims. Verifying an individual’s educational background is essential because if the candidate misrepresented their education on their Resume, they might lack the core abilities required to accomplish tasks related to the job..
  • Background checks on education verify the candidate’s degree or certificate type, graduation date, attendance dates, and any graduation awards.
  • Education checks can verify all levels of education of a candidate from elementary, high school, college, university, technical school, or any other educational organization or institution.
  • Your business should constantly check job applicants’ education since it protects employers from irresponsible recruitment allegations. 
  • Education is often the foundation of a person’s job success, and a schooling background check will validate if the candidate’s education claims are legitimate.
  • An education check lets your business quickly determine if a candidate is a good fit for a job. With most candidates eager to falsify information on their resumes, failing to authenticate a candidate’s education is risky for your business and the reputation of your business.

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