Top 10 Employee Background Verification Companies In Kerala

Top 10 Employee Background Verification Companies In Kerala-Integritas

Top 10 Employee Background Verification Companies In Kerala

Technical and financial fraud and scams are rising, and as a business owner or company, it is important to have faith in the employees. Due to the rise in hiring fraud, even with companies, it has become difficult for the company to find ideal employees because the employer must be aware of any court or police cases, among other things.

One solution to this problem is to verify an employee’s background, which can be accomplished with the assistance of employee verification companies. These companies are detective agencies that can quickly verify an employee’s entire experience. These firms work on individual or forensic cases in addition to corporate issues.

As a result, if you are an employer in Kerala and want to confirm your employee’s background, read the article because we have compiled a list of the top 10 employee background verification companies in Kerala to help you find the perfect person for the job role.


Integritas is a highly regarded and acknowledged background verification company with a global reach. Integritas is dedicated to offering small to medium-sized businesses with employment screening tools that help businesses in hiring and recruiting quality talent and volunteers. We provide the essential tools and resources that assist simplify applicant onboarding and restore hiring confidence with our innovative technology, award-winning service, and compliant processes. The service portfolio of the company includes Tenant Verification, Educational verification, employment verification, reference verification, criminal record verification, address verification, drug testing, database verification, Psychometric Assessment, and Cibil Check.

Do you want to talk about background checks, brainstorming, or hiring solutions? Do you just want us to listen? Whatever the reason, we are always available to help you.

More information – 

Address – #13&14, 2nd floor, 1st Cross Rd, Anjaneya Nagar, Ittamadu, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085

Website –https://integritas.in/

Email – sales@integritas.in


Mac ‘I Six Detective Agency

Mac, I Six Detective Agency is one of Kerala’s most trusted agencies, providing optimal supervision in protecting personnel and private and public assets. They provide accurate and comprehensive information, allowing you to make an informed choice about marriage or employment. They provide highly skilled personnel to verify corporate verifications, pre-marriage verifications, post-marriage verifications, police records and reputation, personal detective assistance, forensic detective services, cybercrime detective facilities, corporate detective services, and many other services.

Address: Pavakkulam Building Near old Kaloor Post Office Elamakkara Road, Cochin – 682017

Phone: +919961 461 707

Email: macisixdetectiveagency@gmail.com


Garuda Detectives in Ernakulam

Garuda Detectives is a private investigator agency composed of a team of professionally trained investors who assist individuals, law enforcement agencies, and other corporations. They have operational offices throughout Kerala and meticulously plan each investigation. They provide employee verifications, asset verifications, pre and post-matrimonial verification, trademark verification, general verification, business firm genuineness verification, and much more.

Address: Ground Floor, Darussalam Madrasa Complex

Mukkam Road, Vellasserry

Calicut, Kerala, 673601.

Phone: +91 75 10 60 7070

Email: info@garudadetectives.com


Star Security and placement

Star Security & Placement is a news agency in Kerala that offers professional security services. Capt. K S Nair, a retired army officer, administers and controls the organization. Because they have trained commandos pulled from ex-defence/paramilitary forces, Star Security and Placement is capable of dealing with any threat from any angle. Personal detective services, cybercrime, corporate detective services, and forensic detective services are all available through them. They also offer housekeeping and security services in addition to these services.


Surya Building, Uppalam Road, Statue Junction, Trivandrum – 695001

Document verification

ID Proof- Verified

Phone- 081380 24248

Email- starsecurityplacement@gmail.com


Faith Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd.

Faith Investigation Services is a company based in Kochi, Kerala, with a highly skilled team of investigators who excel in their corresponding fields of investigation and intelligence gathering and can cater to the different needs of any client in a professional, confidential, and cost-effective manner. Asset Verification, Intellectual Property Services, personal and confidential methods, and much more are among the services offered by a faith investigation company.


No. 41/3246/1, Ashirbhavan Lane, Banerjee Road, Ernakulam, Kacheripady, Cochin – 682018

Phone: 094474 80047

Email: mail@faithinvestigation.com


ABS group

ABS Group HR Solutions is a leading labour contracting, security, and housekeeping company based in Kochi, Kerala. ABS, as a professionally managed organisation with 17 years in the industry, always provides the best customer service through highly trained staff members who are motivated to work and deliver quality work with the utmost integrity. Corporate detective services, forensic detective services, personal detective services, and cybercrime detective services are the services provided by the agency.


2nd Floor, No. Xl/625A, Swami Madathil Building, CP Ummar Road, Pullepady, Cochin – 682032

Phone- +1 281-673-2800

Document verification

Bank details- Verified

ID Proof- Verified

Email- absgroupcochin@gmail.com


Sixth Sense Consultancy Security & Investigation Bureau

Sixth sense consultancy security and investigation bureau sixth sense csib is the first kind of investigation bureau in Trivandrum, Kerala, and was founded by a group of experienced and competent professionals from the Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Most sixth sense investigators are retired personnel with a proven track record from Government Intelligence or investigative Agencies. They offer personal and corporate detective services; you can hire private security guards in it. 


2nd Floor, Shallo Building, Bishops Palace Complex, NH 47, Pattom, Trivandrum – 695004

Phone: +918048372595

Document verification

Id proof– verified

Email: info@sixthsense.in 


D4 Detectives 

D4 Detectives is the most reliable detective agency in Kerala. They provide services for unusual or sensitive situations. They are a team of highly skilled detectives who gave it their all. Their service will help you in the most challenging situations by assisting you in discovering the best and most efficient solution to problems while keeping them hidden from the public eye. Personal, forensic, cybercrime and corporate investigations are among the services they provide.


TC 24/343, Sasthancoil Road, Thycaud, Trivandrum – 695014

Phone: +91 9388377732

Document verification- ID verified 

Email- d4detectives@gmail.com

The Private Eye Pvt. Ltd.

Private Eye Limited was founded in 1988 and has grown to become a leading provider of security services in South India, including Karnataka, Puducherry, Mysore, Kerala, and many other places. They work hard and are constantly improving their skill sets to ensure that our people are always pertinent, always credible, and always efficient with newer security briefs and criteria. Corporate detective services and Hire Professional Security Guards are among their offerings.


No. K.P. III/34, Sri Mangalam, Kazhakuttom Main Road, Kazhakkoottam, Trivandrum – 695581

Phone- +91 9742240034

Email- trvmbr@pvteye.in


Verifitech India

Verifitech India provides the following background verification services in Kochi, Kerala. Address verification, ex-employment verification, criminal records check, educational documents verification, legal records check, reputation analysis and other services are available.

Address- GS2, Heavenly Plaza, S.No.655, Kakanad, Kochi, Kerala, India – 682 021

Ph.No.-  +91 484 2379512

E-mail ID- verify.kochi@verifitech.com

Protex Security Services Pvt. Ltd.

It is one of Kerala’s oldest investigation agencies, founded in 1964 by Late Sri S Kameswar Rao. Protex Security Services has many IAS and IPS officers on board at various times and has a long tradition of providing high-quality security services to people across several states. Corporate detective services and Hire Professional Security Guards are the company’s services.


Salim Rajan Road, Ernakulam, Cochin – 682020, No. EWS 657

Phone- 040 2360 7622

Email– cochin@protexsecurityservices.com


If you are a business owner looking to hire the best employees for your office, checking their background is a great idea. This is where these verification companies come in. And if you have a business in Kerala, the background verification companies mentioned above can assist you.

In addition to our standard background verification services, Integritas also offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that every organization has different requirements, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. Our company also offers different services like insurance check, tenant verification and database check to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal.


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