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Background Verification

Education Verification

With the rapid increase in literacy rate, the need for education background verification is mandatory to completely understand the vetting candidate education history.

Background Verification

Previous Employment Verification

Want to know if the applicant is an asset to the company? Yes, the previous employment history will help you understand the individual and create an opportunity to make better decisions for the organization.

Background Verification

ID Proof Verification

This is the most critical step of vetting applicants, as one bad employment may cost a lot to the organization in terms of security, resources and money. We help you with the complete history of the applicant activity.

Other Addon Verification as per Client's need

Why Integritas?

It is imperative to hire a right and responsible person for an organization at any level. How to make a choice between right and wrong? Leave that to IGS. We, at IGS, ensure that the persons our client companies are hiring are not only perfect for the job but also beneficial for the organization and hold no record of being a threat to the company. For any successful endeavor, the choice of right team is significant and IGS ensures this possibility into a reality.

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Background Verification


Background verification are run on each candidate who applies for a position at our affiliated companies. These checks are common at organizations however, we assure you maximum results in minimum time with reliable analyses and authentic reports. You might wonder how do we manage such a huge responsibility? We agree it is huge. But we have a strong global network that allows us easy access to information around the globe and makes our verification processes much easier than they seem. These international connections work in mutual coordination with the common purpose of bringing transparency and merit in job markets globally.


The background verification is a vast domain and covers much of the significant information in itself. Hence, among all types of screening, background check is the most extensive one and demands IGS to contact maximum departments of the public and private sector. It might involve forwarding the employee’s or candidate‚Äôs personal information to law departments as well. All of this practice is done to ensure none of the information provided by the candidate or employee remains unchecked and eventually lead to any ambiguity about the employment of the said candidate. IGS gives maximum priority to the background check and shares its findings as to the final assessment report with the client company.

Background Verification


The background check includes family history, physical address, information about the neighborhood, previous employment record, criminal record, health history, and travel history. The addition of various other factors is possible on the demands of the client company. For some regions, drug history is a necessary part of the detailed health record but it changes from region to region. The screening of potential employees also adds the background check of any tenant history. Many organizations offer dorm facilities to their employees, it is especially significant for them. IGS has got it all covered for you.

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