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Employment Check

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What Is an Employment check?

An employment check verifies an employee’s relationship with a former employer and other essential details. In addition, employment verification reveals why he or she left the previous job and other essential details such as performance records, work history, designations, responsibilities, dates of employment, skills, qualifications, any disciplinary action, and professional behavior in the workplace and towards coworkers.

Employers and hiring managers can use employment checks to narrow the candidate pool and focus on individuals who meet the job requirements. It also validates job candidates’ information on their resumes or reveals whether the individual was dishonest or truthful about the information he or she mentioned in the resume.

There are a variety of situations that necessitate employment verification. For example, a company may need to verify a candidate’s employment history. At the same time, a lender may be required to verify a potential customer’s income when deciding whether to provide a new loan or line of credit. Again, it guarantees the individual has the necessary experience to do the work efficiently.


Why Choose Employment Check Services
from Integritas

Since the information needed to complete an employment check varies and it’s a stressful task,
companies may need clarification on what details to add or who to call internally to validate the details.
Integritas analyzes and validates a potential candidate’s employment history to determine the
Candidate’s overall behavior, performance, and work experience at one or more prior organization/s.
Our expert employment check team will contact the candidate’s previous employer to gather accurate
employment information. When one of the former employers is no longer in operation, comprehensive
research is conducted using different ways to confirm the validity of the candidate’s claims of having
worked there. These credentials are then reviewed and compared with the ones provided by the Candidate
in his application form. Variations, if any, are conveyed to the client in the final report.

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Importance of Employment Check

As there are lots of candidates for every position in a company competition in the market is very tough so some of the candidates try to manipulate their documents to pretend to be the most eligible candidate for the job. Employment checks by employers are quickly becoming a necessity for new hires. An employment check can help a business feel more confident about hiring a new employee.

Here are some of the points regarding the importance of employment checks:

  • Employment checks reduce the risk of recruiting people with questionable backgrounds.
  • Often, it is claimed that a background screening is only required for employees who will be tasked with financial responsibilities. Still, more and more employers are discovering that background screenings are useful for other types of employees too, such as those who work directly with the public, young children, or employees involved with elderly care.
  • Background checks might involve queries into a person’s criminal history, financial history, educational degrees, and former work engagements. Each of these categories may give useful and necessary information to an employer. Which will ultimately protect the employer from future mishappenings.
  • Employment checks could be seen as a preventive measure to guarantee the organization’s integrity and the safety of its employees. The number of resumes submitted for an open job might influence any employer. There may be multiple people with exceptional qualities for a position. It might be tough to choose one that stands out. It is preferable to use employment check services, which will help you to clear the burden from your shoulders.Filtering out candidates can help you get rid of extra burdens as some Individuals may be ineligible for certain positions due to certain historical aspects you can just filter them out and then can assess the rest of the candidates.
  • An employment check is performed to identify any discrepancies linked to the candidate’s previous work assignments, which provides us with an accurate and thorough brief about the candidate’s work ethics and employment history.

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