Global Challenges in Background Screening

Recruiting the right employee for the right position is one of the challenging tasks that a recruiter faces.

Selecting the right employee solely based on a half an hour-long interview is something that every employer abstains from. As chances are higher, the applicant can conceal some facts that could come out later as a threat to the recruiter. There are many challenges that recruiters face globally which will be discussed further in this article.

What is background screening?


Background screening or Pre-employment screening refers to a process in which the recruiter gets the liberty to screen the background of an applicant before assigning them any job.


Types of verifications carried out under background screenings are-

  • Educational qualifications
  • Credit records
  • Criminal records, and many other past activities that are linked to the applicant

Note- Consent of an applicant is necessary to carry forward these searches.

The purpose of this screening is for ensuring that the new employee is-

  • that who he/she admits is.
  • the best fit for the nature of the job.
  • not a threat to his/her colleagues.

Before going deep into the challenges in background screening, first, let’s see why these companies opt for background screening and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of pre-employment screening-


A sincere screening results in-

  • Saving time and energy- With pre-screening, you can ward off candidates who make things up on their CV.
  • Overall workplace safety- by keeping the history sheeters away the company assures that the overall safety is restored.
  • Avoiding the bad hire- Some surveys approve the fact that the cost of a bad hire is times greater than the salary in question.


  • Threat to privacy- The data being available so easily can result in mishandling.
  • Costlier and time-consuming- The background screenings can be quite heavy on pockets, especially for the small and new start-up businesses and also take a considerable amount of time to reach the final results.
  • Unfair Bias- This check may prove as a curse to the fraudsters who have recovered completely. It has been observed that even notorious criminals have transformed themselves, provided they were given the right counseling, a better environment and a chance to reform.

But unfortunately, in this background screening system, there is no hope that even a fully reformed earlier accused is going to find a respectable job.


Challenges in global pre-employment screening-

Background Screening becomes an important and unavoidable step if a recruiter wishes to hire an employee from another country. The sole intention behind this background checking is to cease the rising incidents of educational and employment forgery, financial frauds, keeping the privacy which cumulatively ensure in maintaining the global brand reputation, at the same time it also helps the employer in knowing the competence of the candidate.

But the global background screening is complicated and time-consuming, and companies with a worldwide presence keep facing innumerable challenges when it comes to screening pre-hire employees with a global background.

Few major hurdles that a recruiter faces while dealing with background screening are-

  • Non- compliance with international laws- When two countries are involved then a thorough knowledge of global laws and regulations is the need of the hour, which is not an easy task.
  • Slow processing- Since this process involves global involvement, chances are higher that verification takes more time than the company or candidate can bear. This can also result in another side effect of
  • Knowledge of global laws- Deep knowledge of the laws of both the involved countries is required as the act openly permitted in one country might be a punishable offense in another.
  • High costs- Global background checks are way costlier than normal or intrastate background screenings.
  • Right vendor selection- It becomes a herculean task to select the best vendor that keeps the privacy of data and at the same time also provides the best service globally.
  • Data privacy laws- Many countries do not allow any third party to gather data. For instance in Germany and Singapore criminal records are accessible only to the accused and the concerned government department.
  • Technology gap- Even in this jet age some countries are lagging so much that they don’t have the access to keeping the criminal or educational records online.


For a lot of businesses, adherence to innumerable local, state and national laws can be a challenging task, this is why global pre-employment screening needs to be executed carefully.

Nowadays, this global background screening is mutually accepted as the best practice all over the world.

Thus, packed with its advantages and disadvantages, background screening is a Must in Today’s world but comes with several challenges. Recruiters have to pass these hurdles to get the right person in the organization, making an organization effective and better.



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