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Running background checks on a potential employee is a crucial part of any recruiting process to help protect your business culture and to develop a foundation of trust and safety. Whether you are sitting in the employer’s chair or looking for a job, you are especially interested in how long does a pre employment background check take

If you are trying to recruit and select employees, you might be on a limited schedule and itching for a short turnaround on candidate background checks. If you are a job seeker, you probably simply want to know when you can expect to receive the final word from a potential employer. In both cases, the answer will be the same: it depends on the kind of check.

Turnaround times from start to end vary substantially by the sort of searches needed, the company that delivers them, and the speed at which the applicant provides relevant information.

While many companies demand the shortest possible turnaround, it is much more important to be both detailed and accurate. This helps to limit risk at a later point and raises the possibility that employees will represent the value of the company from the beginning.

What does a pre-employment background checks include?

A pre-employment background check verifies the accuracy of information provided on a candidate’s résumé. The recruiter gathers information about the applicant throughout the recruiting process. Education, previous employment history, criminal records, vehicle or license history checks, and credit history are some of these criteria. These factors are, in more detail, as follows:

Verification of your identity

When it comes to pre-employment background checks turnaround time, identity verification, like many other criteria, differs substantially. Some businesses may only require information from your passport or driver’s license, while others may do a complete inquiry using Social Security number tracking.

Verification of employment

Since the recruiter must contact all previous employers or their HR professionals, this kind of investigation might take two to four days, or perhaps longer. As a result, the more jobs an applicant has changed, the more time consuming the procedure gets. The pre-employment background checks might take anything from one to two weeks if the individual has worked in other nations.

The applicant should anticipate signing a release document granting the company access to get the necessary information.

Verification of academic credentials

This pre-employment background check involves comparing a candidate’s educational history on their résumé with data from relevant institutions and colleges. It may be a difficult process, and the applicant must also sign a release document. A pre-employment background check of this kind might take several days.

Criminal background checks

These pre-employment background checks might take a long time to complete. The pre-employment background check may take one to two business days if the candidate’s criminal history is restricted to one state or one home country. Verifying pre-employment background checks overseas records, on the other hand, takes substantially longer. This procedure may take up to, or perhaps exceed, 20 days if the individual has emigrated or worked in various countries.

Verification of professional certification

Pre-employment background check of any trade organization memberships, as well as any certification or licensing authorization checks, are examples of this type of pre-employment background checks. Checking these professional documents might take up to two business days on average.

Employment Credit Checks

The purpose of these pre-employment background checks is to get a general idea of a candidate’s credit history. After validating information with credit bureaus, it usually takes two to four days.

Global database checks

Global database checks are very important for government employees at all levels. There are plenty of references for prospective terrorists and fraudsters. As a result, this search might be completed in a single day.

Driving Records Checks

Due to insurance concerns, your employer is liable for you, particularly if you are on the road for business. Employers would do this sort of pre-employment background checks in such scenarios to guarantee that they hire a responsible driver and to reduce their insurance costs.

How long does a pre-employment background checks take

Candidates, unsurprisingly, could be curious as to how long employment background checks will take. However, there may not always be a straightforward response. This is because, as previously said, each background check is based on a variety of factors.

A pre-employment background checks will usually require two to five business days. However, each person’s background is unique, and a variety of circumstances might extend this duration.

There are two basic ways to avoid delays in the process, fortunately. First, the procedure might go more easily if the employer and candidate cooperate collaboratively diligently to complete the needed release paperwork and authorizations. Second, candidates can avoid delays by ensuring that all information provided is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

3 Tips for a Quick and easy Pre-Employment Background Checks

It’s difficult to speed up the pre-employment background checks since there are so many moving aspects and variables beyond the candidate’s and employer’s control. However, there are a few things to avoid that will hamper your results.

Gather all pertinent information ahead of time.

Applicants are often required to disclose particular information such as previous residences, dates of employment, academic degrees, and graduation dates as part of these pre-employment background check. As a hiring manager, it’s important to get all of this information from applicants in one request and maintain it all in one safe place. This will help you prevent any mistakes that might cause the pre-employment background checks to take longer to complete.

Make it clear to candidates what they can anticipate.

Even if a candidate has nothing to hide, they might get nervous about the whole pre-employment background checks process – particularly if there are delays. Be as open and honest with the application as possible, and tell them that delays are feasible. If you’re doing a pre-employment background check on an application, you must be thinking about employing them. As a result, make the experience as pleasant as possible for them.

Maintain an atmosphere of honesty throughout the process.

In a pre-employment background check, contradicting information might occur by accident or on purpose. Due to the obvious Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers are required to follow certain guidelines regarding the accuracy of these reports. Before submitting for evaluation, double-check that all of the candidate’s information is correct. Let the candidate know ahead of time that if they find a cause to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information in the report, they have the right to do so. While a conflict might slow down the process, avoiding one as much as possible can save time for both sides.

Selecting the Right pre-employment background checks Company

Whenever it comes to pre-employment background checks, time isn’t everything. Both companies and employees have reasons to want these pre-employment background checks completed as quickly as possible. If given the choice between a quick and complete screening, the latter is always preferred.

As a result, businesses must select the appropriate company to do pre-employment screening. The ideal investigative company will be able to provide a variety of pre-employment background check and schedule options, be open and honest about processing timeframes, and be ready to execute its systems to provide a timely and thorough service.

What Can Cause Pre-Employment Background Check Delays ?

Whenever it comes to pre-employment background check, there are two common causes for delays in getting a full report – and both are within the control of the employer. The first is filling out pre-employment background checks request forms that are inaccurate or insufficient. The other is that the applicant has failed to sign the required authorisation and release paperwork.

Government law mandates the use of these precise pre-employment background checks release forms, and all candidates must be advised of the pre-employment background check through an individual letter. Employers must keep in mind that neither they nor an outside agency can start the screening process until they have received copies of the applicant’s signed permission and release documents, whether it be in writing or electronically.

Confusion over names might delay pre-employment background check. These pre-employment background checks look for every form of a name, such as Bill, Billy, Will, and William, in huge databases. If the candidate has a common name, the agency will have to evaluate and cross-check the data to confirm they are dealing with the correct individual. Frequently by middle name, nationality, or some other distinguishing characteristic.

Some institutions, schools, and past companies may not have completely digital information, which might cause additional complications and delays in getting a background check. Worse, they don’t have to provide the information within that period of time, so it’s possible they won’t give it priority. State and government agencies, on the other hand, often have pre-determined turnaround times.

Wait patiently for the results of your pre-employment background checks

Another stage in the hiring process that takes time is a background check, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back right away. Before calling a prospective employer to inquire about your background check, wait a week.

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