Impact of Hiring due to Covid-19

We are going through one of the worst pandemics in recent history i.e., COVID-19. The whole world remained closed for almost 2-3 months in peak Corona times. Millions of workers lost their jobs because there was no business, and companies were out of cash to pay their salaries.


Major cities are opening now. Those fired, are looking aggressively for new jobs. The most skilled force was already on their job. Those who lost their jobs 2-3 months ago need a job at any cost. They are ready to even lie in their resume.


As a company, you need the best people to run a business. So, it is crucial to screen out those people who come up with a bogus resume. Employee verification is very critical. If you select any of them accidentally, these people will not prove helpful for your business. Let us see how to proceed forward and look for genuinely skilled employees.


Conduct a skill test

Imagine you are an IT firm. If someone claims to be graduate from a top university with 5+ years of experience, they must develop sound knowledge about IT. A detailed skill test will tell you if they are truly qualified or not.


People overvalue their skills. If they know 2-star, they claim that they are five stars. So, a skill test is the best and easiest way to tell if the skill in the resume is genuine or fake.


Check for gaps

Everyone knows that it was normal to lose your job during the pandemic. However, many job seekers try to cover it by filling bogus dates. They try to fill the gaps in their resume as a gap leaves a wrong impression on a new job.


The easiest way is to verify each job that suspects you. Every business is facing some issues. So, they are ready to help each other. It is a bit time-consuming work, but it is better to hire only an honest worker.


Match resume and cover letter

Many paid services write the best resume for workers. Due to a large number of lay off, more people are going towards them for a professional CV. As a result, you will find many perfect resumes.


The fastest way to know if the information mentioned in the resume is right or wrong is through a cover letter. No matter how better resume letter one hires, they had to write the cover letter on their own. They are prone to more errors if they don’t possess skills.


If you see that the resume is well crafted, but the cover letter is a messy one, it is an excellent time to turn that job application down. Hence, a cover letter truly explains the worker.


The resume is extra sweet.

A lot of people try to fill their resumes with as many good things as possible. Almost everyone mentions some bogus skills in their resume. Apart from them, there are some applicants whose CV doesn’t match their standard.


Imagine if a person was graduated just two years ago and they claim the experience of a manager post. That is impossible, and if someone claims it, they are surely lying.


Some applicants also lie about their college studies. If you see a graduate degree from a mediocre college and a masters’ degree from a renowned university, then there is something fishy. Look for it and verify it from college.


Use of vague terms

Job applicants often use vague terms in their resume. During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and are eagerly looking for new jobs. Many people want to land in better places. So, they use vague terms to claim experience.


Applicants usually use terms like “was involved” or “am familiar with” to link with jobs that they don’t know. These are the jobs that they only saw happening, so they use these terms in an attempt to cheat employers. When you are checking all the resume, make sure to note these terms. If a resume has more than two vague terms, it indicates that the person doesn’t know anything well.


Call references

When workers work at a place and mention it in the CV, they mention some links. It can be an Email address or a phone number. They are one of the best ways to know about the real skills of the applicant.


Call their previous employer and ask them about this worker. In most of the cases, they will tell you the real truth and expose each detail about them.


You don’t need to catch only lies in this process. You may get to know some excellent skills about them not mentioned in the resume. These skills will make them an even better option for your business. So, checking old references is always better.


Conduct a background check

This is not an easy task, and especially in this COVID-19 time, it is very risky. So, I will recommend to finalize 3-5 persons for a post and check about them only. Thus, it will be easier for you.


A background check tells a lot about the person. You will get complete information about their education, past job, criminal record, residence area, and much more. Since you gathered all data through your sources, the data is 100% accurate.


Once you do the whole process, you will be able to select the best-suited candidate for the job.


Hire a professional service

If you find all of these steps difficult, you must be looking for a shortcut to all. It would be best if you had someone to do all the headaches for you and prepare a list of potential candidates. Luckily, there are some background verification companies.


You will outsource your job to them. Agencies have a strong network and are experts in their domain. As a result, you will get a list of all the data that they found. They will tell you in detail whose resume is based on truths and whose resume is full of bogus data.


Final words

Employee verification is a critical step in hiring. You should follow it every time. However, the pandemic increased its importance. Since more people are applying for limited jobs, you will find more resume with lies. Follow these steps to do the perfect scrutiny.

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