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Reference Check

What Is an Education check?‚Äč

The reference check is an effective method for determining candidate credibility and reliability. It is also a method of filtering out individuals who may not be as competent as their Resume suggests or who are not a good match for your corporate culture. Such differences may not be evident during an interview. There are a lot of job aspirants out there right now. Because competition for specialized professional roles is high, some candidates may falsify their qualifications and previous jobs to remain ahead of their rivals and land the role.

Performing reference checks for appropriate references may be time-consuming and exhausting for hiring managers. Still, if you take shortcuts and neglect to cross-check and ask appropriate questions, you may not find out about the genuine candidate until it’s too late. Whether the reference check discloses poor performance, exaggerates his experience and credentials, or confirms them, it is an essential phase in the recruiting process that highlights the candidate’s skill-fit and culture-fit requirements.

Why Choose Employment Check Services
from Integritas

Professional references from candidates can provide additional information about your candidates that goes beyond the details in the resume. It might give you a better understanding of a person’s work ethic and skills. Integritas provides reference check services to assist human resource professionals in successfully completing employment verification while selecting a candidate for a special responsibility job.

Our professional reference reports are prepared by conducting in-depth research with the person responsible for giving references for your candidate. We are honored to be recognized as the industry leader in this specialized field of reference checks.

Our team uses high-end conversational techniques, extracting information via responses and constantly probing with questions to collect accurate and thorough information. Our team is experienced at chasing references with persistence, without nagging, and ensuring reference checks are completed on time. Our knowledge and attitude give us an advantage in reference verification; we’ve also invested in technology to assist us in keeping up with the times, simplifying and speeding up the process, and providing accurate reference checks at a faster rate. Partner with Integritas for reference check & chase service and collaborate with our team closely to maximize the productivity of your reference check process and grow your service delivery capability. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us immediately to get a quote at no cost.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us immediately

Importance of Reference Check

Employers do reference checks throughout the screening and hiring process to collect information about a candidate’s past job experience, such as the candidate’s communication skills, personality, general character, and personal traits, that an Employment Verification does not provide.

Here are some of the points regarding the importance of reference checks and how Professional Reference Checks Benefit Your Business:

  • Assess the candidate’s background and trustworthiness.
  • Create a precise assessment of the candidate’s performance on the job.
  • Determine whether or not the applicant is a suitable match for the job.
  • Make well-informed hiring decisions.

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