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Background Verification

Employee Background Verification

It is imperative to hire a right and responsible person for an organization at any level. How to make a choice between right and wrong? Leave that to IGS. We, at IGS, ensure that the persons our client companies are hiring are not only perfect for the job but also beneficial for the organization and hold no record of being a threat to the company. For any successful endeavor, the choice of right team is significant and IGS ensures this possibility into a reality.

Tenant Verification

IGS takes responsibility for the evaluation of the educational career of employees.

As part of the requirements at the time of application submission, candidates are asked to produce degrees of their education. IGS collects the necessary information about the degree and certificate of candidate or employee and runs a complete background check in order to make sure the certificates given by candidates are original, authentic and verified. The transcripts or certificates are the basic proof of the qualification of the employees and IGS makes sure that no forgery has taken place and employees have shared their authentic records with the organization they are linked with.

Background Verification


IGS has the best services to offer: reliable background check of potential employees, professionally sound jobs with relaxed working hours and interesting job descriptions. On our platform, companies can post their most attractive job packages and candidates can select from a variety of options the one choice that best suits them. We at IGS ensure that pay scales of attractive jobs are posted with specially enhanced viewership and readership so that more competent employees can be recruited in no time. A quick recruitment process is beneficial for both employer and employee and IGS has no extra procedures to use as delaying techniques.

Education Verification

IGS takes responsibility for the evaluation of the educational career of employees.

As part of the requirements at the time of application submission, candidates are asked to produce degrees of their education. IGS collects the necessary information about the degree and certificate of candidate or employee and runs a complete background check in order to make sure the certificates given by candidates are original, authentic and verified. The transcripts or certificates are the basic proof of the qualification of the employees and IGS makes sure that no forgery has taken place and employees have shared their authentic records with the organization they are linked with.

In addition to degree evaluation, IGS has another major responsibility. Evaluation of marks/grades/division. Why does it matter once the degree has been verified? The answer is simply to ensure maximum transparency. 

Background Verification

The modern age has devised incredible ways of forgery as well and we at IGS work meticulously to provide our clients maximum protection against fraud. Therefore, we run separate checks for marks and grade verification. We contact the respective educational institutions and report any mismatch (if found) to the client company for further action against the employee.

The educational background verification further includes the college enrollment record and year of passing. These details are important to us because our client company has made such details a part of the employment criteria and we have to evaluate these to ensure that the hiring of each employee is according to the declared principles. Also that no employee has hidden any record from the organization deliberately. IGS is determined to bring out the best employees for an organization and such hard evaluations are part of the procedure. These records show the history of the employees and help determine the organization how beneficial they would prove for the company.

Apart from the evaluations, one of the most significant jobs at IGS to create a transparent placement center where students, graduates, and interns are connected to several organizations and these interactions create jobs for the former. IGS offers both jobs and internships to the students according to the companies they want to apply for and their profile or portfolio. Since IGS is providing its own platform to professional interactions between companies and potential employees, it makes sure that the profile building of the employees is according to their verified qualifications and skills. The profile built at IGS platforms are verified and highly acknowledged by our client companies.

Reference Check​

The name of the reference check is self-explanatory in the recruitment process of companies and organizations. A reference check can include several steps. The employer could simply verify dates of employment and job titles and dates of attendance at college and the degree attained. An in-depth reference check will involve talking to references to gain insight into an applicant’s skills, qualifications, and abilities to do the job. IGS makes it super easy for affiliated companies because by running a detailed screening of the references online, the better and fast results are achieved than doing the same work manually. The reliable analyses of IGS enable the companies to make a decision about their employees based on reviews and feedback from past employment and work experience.

IGS carries out a detailed check of the references required by its own policy. Any change is also welcomed if demanded by the company who is doing the research about certain candidates or employees regarding a certain job through IGS. In the case of an in-depth check, your references can expect questions similar to those asked of job applicants during an interview. For example, they might be asked about the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses, the best qualities, ability to cope with stress, etc. We understand that the process of screening might be exhaustive or one might think that certain things are unnecessarily repeating. We guarantee you this is all for the screening purposes and we have worked diligently to make our system less redundant and we are sure our clients can no longer complain about things repeating unnecessarily even in the reference checks.

Why is there a need for a reference check? The employer wants to confirm that you have the employment history and qualifications you have stated on your resume or job application. Also, the employer will be interested in knowing your professional attitudes in the past company and decide your hiring in the new company on the basis of the previous record (if any). The company also wants to know if you have the right skills for the job and if you will fit in well with the organization. The importance of reference check in a company is vital at the time of hiring and IGS understands this importance well enough. That is the reason for a detailed yet accurate reference check against all candidates provided by the client company.

Criminal Check

The criminal record is as important to evaluate as the person himself. It is extremely necessary to check beforehand and the information acquired is always beneficial for the company or organization. More and more employers are becoming receptive to these checks because a Company whose employee is involved in a criminal act not only becomes liable monetarily but also finds its reputation in jeopardy. Even a seemingly minute crime can fire back at an employee as well as tarnish the reputation of the company to a level beyond imagination. One bad review is enough to question the credibility of the entire organization. IGS realizes the significance of the criminal check and uses all its resources to share the most authentic analysis with our client companies regarding their employees. 

Moreover, it is considered essential to conduct these checks in order to guard against workplace violence and employee theft. Yes, it is true. Without a proper criminal check, an organization or company can be readily infiltrated and such malignant elements can also disturb the internal balance of the organization before tarnishing the external image. IGS works with its affiliates to work out the maximum possible criminal checks well before the time of appointment of an employee or soon before the promotion of any employee to a more sensitive position as he is already in. However, as our country does not have a centralized criminal database with any agency, these checks are not very comprehensive. Nevertheless, our diligent and talented team still puts maximum efforts to maximize the safety of the organization as well as the safety of the employee from any kind of fraudulent. No matter how limited our resources be, we still ensure at IGS that no such individual with questionable criminal record passes through us and enters our affiliated companies and organizations.

Address Check​

Address check has been a compulsory evaluation method being in used for a long time for any kind of registration, application and biodata form. It is considered among the basic information about a person and therefore, is always a mandatory requirement by all organizations. Naturally, it becomes even more significant when hiring an employee or running a background check on an employee. IGS is here to make your job easier and add residential address check a part of detailed screening of affiliated company’s employees or employees-to-be.

IGS observes few things while running an address check on an employee. The list includes present residential address, permanent address, postal address (if different from the previous two), telephone number, mobile phone number, street number, city and city postal code, number of places visited and how frequent the visits are, permanent resident certificate, NOC if a foreign citizen, etc.

 The length of the form to be filled for screening also depends upon the type of job a candidate has applied for or has secured. There are some sensitive professions for home address checks are very lengthy and troublesome but because IGS has electronic systems, nothing is a problem now. Every information you have once entered is stored in our system and hence we will not ask you to repeat again and again, Moreover, IGS takes the record from the original legal documents also and once the document is scanned and sent to IGS one does not need to give separate input of the document already scanned and sent. Our system generates and draws necessary information about your residence address automatically. IGS system has much improved since last few months and we have moved ahead of our beta version hence your information is safe with us.

Identity Check

IGS provides services to run a detailed identity check for our client companies and organizations. The identity check includes personal information and information present in the national identity database. We verify the acquired information from different sources of national agencies before sending to our client companies. IGS stores the information in its database as well for future use or if the client company has requested us to do so. Note that we have a detailed privacy policy and we abide by all international privacy laws.

Background Verification

Database Check

Database check is the most popular background check run before hiring employees these days. It’s globally popular because it is ever more efficient than the conventional methods. As per national laws, we at IGS inform our clients about this mandatory practice and take explicit consent from job applicants before proceeding with a background verification.  Hence organizations must inform and take consent from job applicants prior to conducting checks in order to abide by the privacy laws and legal usage of personal information of applicants.

Since the presence of personal and private information, most databases are confidential information that is not available easily. Hence organizations and companies hire agencies that have access to important databases and who offer the service of background verification to run database checks on applicants.

IGS is known for its services in conducting database checks for various organizations. Our team has expertise in databases and we have worked in this domain for some years now.

Our background verification services have specific processes and we use tools to conduct database checks. Because of our vast experience and affiliation with organizations that provide databases, we understand the characteristics of data storage and know of ways to effectively retrieve information without breaching privacy policies. IGS can provide database check services with a high level of competence, accuracy in a cost-effective manner.

Cibil Check

CIBIL inquiry is not mandatory for all organizations yet we have client companies who want to have a history of credit and payment before hiring. IGS has extended services to CIBIL check for our clients and carry out a significant screening of previous financial records of candidates. The history of financial records, payments and credit is verified from the linked organizations and banks according to the information provided by the candidates. Our system further investigates to reach a presentable and workable report to our client organizations.

Drug and Alcohol Test

Drug test is a specific test while there is another general health test. IGS carries out both of these tests. Again, in some companies due to sensitivity of job or top-tier positions at organizations, drug check of employees and potential employees becomes mandatory. IGS critically processes employees’ history to check for any evidence of drug abuse or an incident involving drugs. This analysis is further examined and sent to client companies.

IGS has a list of drugs against which we run a detailed check for all the employees in our lists.


If a record or history is found against any of the above-mentioned records, IGS will send an alert report to the client company and it can further proceed with the case as per regulations of the organization or company. Not only this, this record stays with IGS system and can be used in the future for any other company if the same candidate appears on our database.

Drug test is carried out and analyzed by local hospitals and IGS drug test laboratories are recommended because they give the analyses and updates directly through online system. The test may be carried in following options upon doctor’s advice and analyzed for any contamination or inconsistencies.

IGS allows 24/7 access to your reports and highly encourages clients to contact us in case of any ambiguity although our systems are interactive and user-friendly enough that clients might not find any need to directly contact the team of IGS.

Psychometric Assessment

For psychometric analysis, IGS has all the expertise needed because we have the longest experience to work in this domain. It is extremely significant part of a hiring process and our clients cannot focus more on this. IGS is the best choice for psychometric analysis because we have fully digitalized the process and the results and analyses have improved multiple folds.

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