Six Ways Background Screening Can Support Talent Acquisition

To better understand how background screening can support talent acquisition. First and foremost we need to understand the meaning of background screening.

So background screening is a process which gives the liberty to an individual or a recruiter to legally investigate and cross-check the facts that an applicant claims.

It helps majorly in seeing the records like educational qualifications, criminal records, past jobs and any other activity that the applicant might have been involved in.

In this article, we will be discussing 6 ways in which background screening can support talent acquisition.

Choose global, and Hire the best-

From the time when the pandemic hit globally, companies have been considering working from home.

It gives a good opportunity to recruiters to collaborate with workers far from the place where the company is situated.

This is when it becomes important to validate what the applicant has been claiming as they are.

Working with freelancers on a contract basis has numerous benefits as it gives you the liberty of hiring as per the need and a lot of flexibility as compared to a salaried employee.

But what if a freelancer with wrong intentions comes into an organization, that could be dangerous. To ensure the right person is getting the work, background screening is done.

Save time, energy and resources-

This background screening process involves such agencies that have truly global coverage.

This helps in the following ways-

  1. They provide sophisticated data quicker which enables recruiters to decide fast. Hence leaving recruiters with an ample amount of time that they can utilize on the task at hand.
  2. Surveys confirm that a bad hire costs times more than the salary in question.

Going by this background screening can save you from hiring a candidate who is not a good fit for the job.

Safety first-

As we discussed earlier, background screening involves a process that gives an opportunity to recruiters to check for there to be employees.

This helps recruiters in being assured about-

  • All the details of the candidate, as if they are a good fit in the workplace environment or not.
  • If they are a threat or not to the safety of other employees or to the organization itself.

This helps in maintaining the overall safety of the workplace.

More power to take action in adverse situations-

The background verification always requires legal consent,

Which works as a silent witness to the history of a candidate.

If a recruiter finds any fault in the employee, this screening record can work as a base to support the actions taken.

Reducing the double-entry-


Applicant Tracking System(ATS):  It is an automated software that allows the recruiters to handle and manage the entire enlistment and recruitment process. It helps the employers to speed up candidate management and significantly lower the time to fill. It keeps track of all the activities that take place in the human resources department.

When the background screening is integrated with ATS.

It helps in cutting down the double-entry and makes the recruiter aware of where this applicant is already in the screening process.

When these two, the background screening process and ATS function separately, chances are high that the recruiter is entering the same data at two different systems. But when they both are integrated, candidate demographic data flows seamlessly from the ATS to the screening platform. This helps recruiters move from the job offer to the background screening process, which also ends in improving the candidate experience.

Easy to Execute-

The background screening can also be executed on devices like laptops, desktops or even a smartphone. Keeping it simple, will allow the candidate to submit their credentials the way that suits them best. Which will ultimately result in a better experience for the candidate.

Background Screening helps in making the process of staffing and recruiting simple and easy to execute which further supports talent acquisition.


It is always important for an organization to bring the right person into the organisation who is focused on the growth of the organization. Background Screening plays an important role in the staffing and recruiting process. We hope this article ‘Six Ways Background Screening Can Support Talent Acquisition’ helps you in understanding how background screening supports talent acquisition.



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