The Importance of Education Verification Checks

Education Verification

As an employer, it is your responsibility to find qualified candidates for your business. How do you do it? by conducting a background check on the applicant.

Some applicants may falsify their educational backgrounds and degrees on their resumes. If you do not check your candidates’ education, you risk employing unqualified and dishonest employees who will harm your company’s reputation. To avoid fraudulent activity, education verification for employment is an important element of the background check.

Below, we’ll discuss why adequate education is important for your employees. We’ll also discuss What Is Educational Verification?, Why Do Well-Educated Employees Matter? and Why Should Employers Verify an Applicant’s Education?

What Is Educational Verification?

Employers do education background checks on individuals in order to verify the credentials, training, and educational records that candidates claim to have and to detect any instances of possible falsification.

Background check services from Integritas help you and your business to verify whether or not candidates hold high school diplomas, occupational certificates, college or graduate degrees, or any variety of these.

A review of a candidate’s educational history discloses the dates of attendance, disciplines pursued, and degrees achieved at high schools and institutions located in India as well as in other countries. Verification of professional licences does not include the use of these kinds of checks. Verification of a professional license may instead provide access to these kinds of background screening services.

Education verification services are important because some candidates may falsify their credentials, embellish them, or inflate them in order to get jobs for which they are not qualified. This is why some applicants will misrepresent their qualifications, exaggerate them, or falsify them. Some candidates will state that they attended colleges that they never attended or that they received degrees that they never earned in order to stand out from the competition.

Why Do Well-Educated Employees Matter?

While a college degree isn’t the sole indication that an individual has the skills and qualities to succeed in a job, it can provide employers with some helpful information about the individual. Candidates with a college degree have exhibited the work ethic required to complete a project. This type of perseverance and drive reflects well on their ability to stick with long-term, difficult initiatives at work.

Employers could also use a candidate’s educational history to judge if that individual has the subject-specific expertise required to succeed. Many employees nowadays need specialised expertise that can only be attained via a two- or four-year degree program.

Aside from subject-specific information, most liberal arts educations teach students a wide range of general skills, including analytical and critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and more. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, at least half of employers consider liberal arts education skills to be “essential” for their employees, as do another 30%, who consider them to be “somewhat important.” Employees with college and university degrees, in other words, are more likely to have the skills that will help them communicate, adapt, and solve problems in the workplace.

Why Should Employers Verify an Applicant’s Education?

The following are some major reasons why education verification should be included as part of your background screening throughout the recruiting process.

Ensure that all of your candidates are adequately qualified.

When you recruit new employees for your business, you want to be sure that they are completely qualified and have the necessary education to accomplish the requirements of their employment.

Education verification allows you to validate the educational levels of your candidates in order to identify those with the necessary certifications, diplomas, or degrees for your job vacancies.

Avoid being held liable for negligent hiring.

When you recruit employees, you must ensure that they have the necessary skills, competencies, and knowledge to do their jobs. If you do not check that they have the necessary education and credentials to execute their tasks, you may risk a negligent hiring claim if they cause harm to others due to inefficiency.

Screening candidates before employing them assist in identifying individuals who may not be suitable for the positions for which they have applied.

Recognize fake degrees and institutions.

Diploma mills, or companies that offer fake credentials and degrees, have grown online as a result of the development of modern technology. People may easily make orders with these firms claiming to have attended nonexistent institutions and gotten degrees they do not have.

If you just call the contact information mentioned on the resume to validate a candidate’s degree, diploma mills will use an answering service to offer bogus verification of the individual’s claims.

Integritas education verification services assist in determining if a claimed school of higher learning exists and is approved by a recognised accrediting authority.

It also offers accurate information about an applicant’s education, helping you to spot bogus degrees and colleges acquired from diploma mills.

Confirm that a candidate has the necessary qualifications, degrees, and licences.

Many industries, such as health care, education, the legal industry, fitness, cosmetology, and others, need workers to have certain degrees, certificates, and licences in order to be competent for their positions.

These standards are important to guarantee that they have the appropriate skills to do their tasks.

If you recruit someone without first ensuring that he or she has the necessary degrees, certificates, and licences, your business may face considerable responsibility.

Identify false statements regarding degrees granted or colleges attended.

Some candidates make false claims about possessing degrees they did not get or attending colleges they did not attend.

For example, some candidates pretend to have attended prestigious institutions while not attempting to improve their academic reputation. Others claim to hold degrees that they never received. Employers want to employ skilled and trustworthy candidates.

Education verification may assist you in quickly identifying any misrepresentations made by an applicant about the colleges he or she attended and the degrees he or she got, allowing you to recruit only honest staff.

Get quick and accurate results to accelerate the recruiting process.

Verifying an applicant’s educational claims by calling each college listed on their résumé and waiting for transcripts to substantiate their claims might take weeks. If an applicant has omitted a school from his or her résumé, attempting to verify his or her educational history in this way may provide insufficient results.

When you request education verification through Integritas Group, you will receive accurate, full information about a candidate’s schooling within hours rather than weeks. We are able to provide accurate findings to our clients promptly due to our extensive access to dependable databases and modern research processes.

Have confidence that your organisation follows privacy and data security regulations.

It is important to safeguard the confidentiality and security of sensitive information about your applications. We always follow privacy regulations and use encryption to secure your data and the sensitive information you manage about your applications at Integritas Group.


We at Integritas provide the resources to assist you in conducting accurate employee education verification while also offering a fast and positive applicant experience. We are all aware that various companies, and even different roles, may need very different educational backgrounds. Our solutions are simple and adaptable, allowing you to get the best results in your employment process.

Integritas  uses a consistent methodology aligned with industry best practices and regulatory requirements to give you reports that are quick, informative, accurate, and legal. Our innovative verification filters and highly skilled researchers delve deeper into candidates’ backgrounds and identify discrepancies quickly, ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive results possible. The outcomes will be precise and provide trustable data to assist you in making better hiring decisions.

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