Top 10 Employee Background Verification Companies in Vijayawada

Background Verification Companies in Vijayawada

Employee background verification is important for several reasons.

First and foremost, verifying the identity of your employees helps to ensure that you are hiring people who will easily fit into the company culture. This is especially important when you’re hiring foreign nationals or other workers who may not have the same kind of documentation as someone from Canada or the United States.

It is important to verify an employee’s employment history because it gives you more information about their commitment level and how long they’ve been working at a specific company. If they’ve only worked at one place and left shortly after getting hired by you, then this could be a red flag that there was something wrong at their previous job, and that might indicate problems ahead if you hire them.

Thirdly, verifying an employee’s work history gives the employer an insight into their skill set and experience level. If they’ve worked in different fields or positions over time, this can help you give context around what kinds of projects they might be good at doing next and what kind of training or onboarding will be needed before they’re ready to take on those tasks.

Here are highly rated top 10 employee background verification companies in Vijayawada.


Integritas is a highly regarded and acknowledged background verification company with a global reach. Integritas is dedicated to offering small to medium-sized businesses with employment screening tools that help businesses in hiring and recruiting quality talent and volunteers. We provide the essential tools and resources that assist simplify applicant onboarding and restore hiring confidence with our innovative technology, award-winning service, and compliant processes. The service portfolio of the company includes Tenant Verification, Educational verification, employment verification, reference verification, criminal record verification, address verification, drug testing, database verification, Psychometric Assessment, and Cibil Check.
Do you want to talk about background checks, brainstorming, or hiring solutions? Do you just want us to listen? Whatever the reason, we are always available to help you.

Address – #13&14, 2nd floor, 1st Cross Rd, Anjaneya Nagar, Ittamadu, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085
Website –https://integritas.in/
Ph.No:9686722937 / 9916929535

Globe detective agency PVT LTD

Globe Detective Agency Pvt Ltd in Vijayawada provides employee background verification in Vijayawada. It is a top player in the category of Detective Agencies in Vijayawada. Established in the year 1961, Globe Agency Pvt Ltd is one of the oldest detective agencies in India. The agency has been providing employee background verification services for more than 50 years now. It has offices all over India, including Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. The company provides services related to employee background verification, pre-employment screening and reference checks, credit reports and criminal records checks.

Address: Door No:2(A), Vijayawada HO, Vijayawada – 520001

Contact- 07947304479

Private Spy 007 Intelligence Bureau

Private Spy 007 Intelligence Bureau in Vijayawada is one of the leading businesses in the detective agencies. The Private Spy 007 Intelligence Bureau offers a wide range of services, including employee background verification, detective agencies, spy camera dealers and background verification.

Address: Besent Building, Besant Road, Vijayawada – 520011

Contact- 9000111007

Shisti Consultancy And Omega Detective Agency

Shisti Consultancy And Omega Detective Agency in Vijayawada is one of the leading businesses in the Detective Agencies for employee background verification services. They provide services to companies across the world.

 Their company has a team of professional private investigators who are highly skilled and experienced. They have been working in this field for many years, so they know how to handle all kinds of cases.

Address: #3-26, Kethanakonda, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada – 521456

Contact- 9940056522

 Eye spy Detective Agency

They are a detective agency in Vijayawada and provide employee background verification services. Their services include pre-and-post employment checks, criminal record checks, education verification, verification of work experience, residential address and much more.

They have a team of experienced professionals who can help you with your employee background verification needs. Their team is equipped with the latest technology and techniques to provide you with accurate results.

 Address: 5th Cross Road, Vijayawada 

Ameen Shaik

Ameen Shaik has been providing employee background checks and verification services since 2008, and they’re proud of their services. Their goal is to help you make informed decisions about the people who work with you and your company. 

They believe that a background check is one of the most important tools you can have as a business owner because it helps you make sure that the people who work with you are trustworthy, have no criminal history, and are good candidates for employment in general.

They’ve been doing this for over ten years now, so they know what works best when it comes to conducting these kinds of checks. They are located at 10th Road, Vijayawada.

Front View Security & Detective Pvt. Ltd.

Front View Security & Detective Pvt. Ltd. is a well established private detective agency based in Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada. They provide pre and post-employee background verification services to all types of businesses across the country.

Their team of experienced detectives works closely with the clients to find out everything about a candidate’s past, including any criminal records or legal issues such as outstanding debts or unpaid taxes. 

They perform complete background checks on employees who have been hired to make sure that they are suitable for the job role.

Ex-servicemen Security RGR Manpowers

As a company, they believe that it’s important to make sure that the people who work for the company meet the highest standards of professionalism and conduct. They are committed to providing you with a safe and secure environment for your employees to work in. 

Ex-servicemen Security RGR Manpowers is an employee background verification service that will help you determine if your employees have been condemned of any crimes and whether they have any outstanding warrants for arrest. Their services are fast and reliable, helping you concentrate on the business operations without worrying about the hiring process.

Address: 1st Floor, Thrinethra, HaranathaPuram Main Road, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada – 520013

Deena Security & Facility Service

Deena Security & Facility Service in Vijayawada provides employee background verification. They are a professional and reliable company that can verify your employees’ backgrounds by conducting a thorough search of criminal records, educational transcripts, financial histories, social media presence, and more.

They provide our clients with an accurate report of their employee’s past so that they can make better hiring decisions. The report will also help employers feel more comfortable about hiring applicants from various backgrounds. 

Address: No. 29, 2nd Cross Street, Ambedkar Nagar, Balaji Nagar Extension, Kolathur, Chennai – 600099, Vijayawada, Vijayawada – 600099 

Real Eye Detective & Investigation Agencies

Real Eye Detective & Investigation Agencies in Vijayawada provide pre and post-employee background verifications. They have an experienced team that can help you with your investigation needs. Their team of investigators is highly trained and knowledgeable about their field of work. They can carry out investigations in a tactful manner so that no one gets to know about it except the relevant parties involved.

 Address: No. G2, Sreeja Apartments, Srinivasa Nagar Bank Colony, Vijayawada– 520008 

Shaakthi Detective Security Services

Shaakthi Detective Security Services in Vijayawada provides pre and post-employee background verifications. It is an important process to make sure that a candidate is free from any criminal record and also to verify the education, qualification and experience of the candidate.

 Shaakthi Detective Security Services in Vijayawada provide pre-and-post employee background verifications at a very affordable price. They have a team of detectives who are well-trained and experienced in this field. To know more you can contact them below:

 Address: S. No. 5-21-13, 2/1, Brodipet, Guntur. 522002, Vijayawada, Vijayawada – 522002


All these companies are top-rated, and they make sure to provide you with their services according to your comforts. We hope this article about the top 10 employee background verification companies in Vijayawada helps you in selecting the suitable company for you.

In addition to our standard background verification services, Integritas also offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that every organization has different requirements, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. Our company also offers different services like Drug Test, Education Verification, Identity Verification, Reference Verification and database check to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal.

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