Why Do Candidates Fail Background Checks?

Why do Candidates fail background check

A good workforce is essential in today’s business environment for the success of an organization, company, and industry. It helps organizations prepare for future challenges.

At present, the need for good employees is very high, and so is the need for effective hiring processes. Retaining good employees is complex, and many organizations fail to do so. However, many agencies assist in maintaining good employees and analyzing workforce competencies; one such agency is Integritas Global Services. They are one of the best agencies that work on background evaluations of employees, insurance verification, recruitment services, and much more.

In short, Integritas Global Services is a one-stop industry-specific verification solution.

Retaining employees is difficult as it takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes candidates applying for a position try to mislead, misrepresent, or embellish their resumes. There are several reasons why candidates fail background checks, and embellished resumes are the most common. When applying for a job post, some candidates manipulate their credentials to look the right fit for the particular job, a crime that cannot be forgiven. Misleading violates trust and an equation due to which candidates commonly fail a background check.

In this article we will discuss “Why Do Candidates Fail Background Checks?”

Why Do Candidates Fail Background Checks?

Here is a list of some common factors Why Do Candidates Fail Background Checks?:

  • Embellished Resumes or Applications
  • Criminal History
  • Failed Drug Test
  • Poor Credit History
  • Social Media Red Flags
  • Poor References

Embellished Resumes or Applications

Presenting a resume or an application with false information is the most common reason behind a Candidate’s failed background check.

This misleading is now practised by candidates unfamiliar with today’s job market.

Candidates pretend to be someone they are not; they exaggerate their credentials and even lie about their experience and achievements. Background screening can quickly disclose false information on a resume or an application. A well-structured background screening helps recruiters detect dissimilarities in what a candidate claims. Recruiters don’t want to hire someone who tried to mislead them by lying on their application. Some jobs require specific licenses, skills, and certifications, and candidates lie about their qualifications and experience, which is a great crime. The recruiters can forgive minor exaggerations on a resume or an application, but bolder lies will reflect the candidate’s negative attitude.

Criminal History

One of the most crucial reasons why do candidates fail background checks is their criminal record. Every organisation looks for an employee on whom they can rely, who fits right into the workplace and follows the work culture. However, an employee with a criminal history can not be a good choice for a safe work environment. Screening candidates’ criminal histories are very important in background screening because a person with a criminal record may not be a good choice for a peaceful workplace. An employee with a criminal record can also be problematic for people associated with the organisation other than regular employees, such as customers, clients, and business partners. However, not every employee with a criminal record is a red flag because sometimes there might be another reason behind their criminal records, such as misunderstandings or youthful mistakes. Employers or the recruiter should consider the nature of the crime compared to the job position and run a proper background screening. For example, a candidate with reckless driving charges may not be an issue for a job that involves office work, but that candidate may not be a good choice for delivery drivers. Before you decide to hire a candidate with a criminal record, make sure you treat every candidate fairly and equally.

A Failed Drug Test

In today’s time, the most common reason for failing a background check is a failed drug test. Almost every reputed organisation has strict policies against drug use, and a candidate with a failed drug test is a big no for them. A drug-addicted employee can be dangerous to their coworkers and themselves. For example, an employee is associated with a job that requires operating a machine, and doing so while intoxicated may lead to severe accidents. Legal drugs such as marijuana or alcohol can also be dangerous and create problems in a peaceful workplace. However, a candidate’s failed drug test can not always be the reason for narcotics, and employers should remember that prescribed drugs can also cause failed drug tests.

Poor Credit History

For some organizations, including credit checks, may not be necessary. However, this plays a significant role as it tells us about the candidate’s responsibility. For example, a person with a reckless driving record may not be a good choice for driving jobs. Similarly, a candidate with a poor credit history may not be a good choice for positions such as banking or managerial roles that require handling large amounts of financial data. Good credit history also reflects the candidate’s ability to handle crucial duties such as loan payments, monthly bills, or credit card debt. Good spending habits show that a candidate is a reliable and responsible individual.

Similarly, a poor credit score, such as debt or bankruptcy, reflects that the person is irresponsible and doesn’t make good spending decisions. However, there can be some practical reasons behind poor credit history. Employers should conduct a deep background screening so they don’t lose a great potential employee because of poor credit history.

“Social Media Red Flags”

In today’s digital era, there is not a single individual who is not influenced by social media. A social media profile may tell a lot about a candidate’s personality and interests, reflecting whether that candidate is a good fit for their department.

A candidate’s social media profile may also reveal negative attitudes or unacceptable behaviors such as illegal acts, narcotics, discriminatory acts, and much more.

Poor References

Poor references are also one of the primary reasons for a candidate’s failed background check. A reference check is a part of background screening in which employers consult with the candidate’s previous coworkers or supervisors to gain an understanding of the candidate’s behaviour, experience, work ethic, and more to decide whether they can add an excellent member to the work culture. A deep reference check may reveal every little detail about the candidates. Employers often mention their friends’ or mentors’ names on the reference list to sound good. However, employers must conduct a deep research before making a final hiring decision based on references.


Hope you now completely understand Why Do Candidates Fail Background Checks?  Deciding whether the person is the right fit for the job is difficult. But, a proper and authentic background verification report of the potential employee is necessary for a better workforce. A company should have better resources and a good hiring team. However, if the organization lacks those resources, it can hire a team that runs trusted background verification to retain good employees. Integritas Global Services is India’s trusted background verification company that knows how to carry out a routine background screening and what all parameters are considered. Their primary aim is to provide you with a deeply researched background screening report of potential employees.


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