Why is Tenant Verification Necessary, and How to do it?

Tenant Verifcation

Are you searching for Why is tenant verification necessary, and how to do it? Then dont worry, in this article we have included every single details you need to know about Tenant verification.

A few years ago, a single handshake was enough to complete a transaction between a property manager or landlord and a potential tenant. A tenant’s word was sufficient to begin a new tenancy agreement. Unfortunately, many tenants have consistently breached their word throughout the years, troubling their respective landlords or property managers. While some turn out to be minor or major criminals, others fail to pay their rent on time or cause substantial property damage. As a result of such tenants’ tendencies, it has become impossible to trust random tenants.

A tenant’s word-of-mouth agreement is no longer sufficient; instead, thorough research of tenants is required, separating truth from fiction. That’s how tenant verification got started. Tenant verification is the first thing to opt for to search for extensive information about a potential tenant’s rental history and possible criminal records.

Lets discuss about why is tenant verification necessary, and how to do it? In detail.

What is tenant verification?

Before discussing about Why is tenant verification necessary, and how to do it? Its very important to understand What is tenant verification?

For many of us, renting a property seems a good option. The increasing demand for rental properties in cities from migrating people makes it an appealing venture for homeowners. The landlord must take precautions when selecting tenants since your investment rewards depend on the kind of tenant you have chosen for your rental property. Police verification of your tenants is essential to this safeguarding procedure, which you must strictly adhere to for your safety. If you rent out your home without taking these precautions, you may face problems in the future.

Allowing unqualified tenants to come into your property may lead to significant expenses due to damage, late payments, legal proceedings, and turnover costs. The goal of   is to detect whether the applicant has a criminal or financial history that will prevent the tenant from paying rent in the future. Tenant/servant verification is regarded as a preventative step in which district police are authorised to keep a complete record of individuals who have relocated from their hometowns to other cities to pursue education, occupations, companies, and so on. The primary goal of this verification is to keep track of anti-social elements and criminals.

Now you get an idea of “What is tenant verification?”Lets now discuss about Why is tenant verification necessary.

Why is tenant verification necessary?

If a tenant engaged in criminal activity while inhabiting the landlord’s property, the landlord would be legally liable for such actions. You have a responsibility as a landlord to research the prospective tenants you will be leasing to. It is essential to keep in mind that you must lawfully generate revenue for it not to cause you a little stress and to earn without any dispute.

To ensure your safety, you should include background checks as part of the rental application procedure. However, the issue of “tenant verification” still comes into play throughout this procedure. It is pretty essential to do so.

You have a responsibility as a landlord to investigate the tenant’s personal and work life. After all, the primary objective of renting out your property is to make money with little to no effort required on your behalf. You are responsible for determining the tenant’s ability to make payments while ensuring that he will not be a general or legal nuisance to the community.

Before letting strangers move into your property, there are a lot of essential factors that you need to take into consideration, and one of them is doing tenant verification.

Now you get an idea of “Why is tenant verification necessary?”Lets discuss few primary reasons on why you should consider tenant verification before letting unknown people live on your property.

It helps control unlawful on-premises activities:

It is common for college students, bachelors, and even young working professionals to live alone or want privacy. They love parties, do drugs, and drink on their property—some live in with partners. Tenants do not engage in such activities on the premises after police verification is finished due to the fear of being arrested. As a landlord, you have the responsibilities of a tenant, and by conducting tenant verification, you can be sure that you will not be included in the crime.

It helps in the investigation of crimes or terrorist activities:

Many terrorists rent apartments in the city from where they carry out their assault plans. If a landlord verifies tenants, the police will get complete information about the tenants. If they commit terrorist activities, the police can quickly identify them if you have already conducted tenant verification. It is pretty simple to track down the fugitive and those who plan a horrible act in the leased apartment/flat. The threat of a police trial assures the tenant he has few opportunities to commit a crime after submitting his identification.

It helps track the identification of foreigners:

Many foreigners overstay once their contracts expire and disappear into smaller towns. These unauthorised individuals could recognise whether they rent out a place to stay with the help of police verification.

It is beneficial for a landlord who lives overseas or out of town:

It is common for landlords to rent out their property while they are away from the town or country. If he has done the police check, he would be glad that his property is being rented to a decent person with a good history.

It creates fear of the law in the tenants:

After police verification, tenants are constantly afraid of police action and being hauled up and locked up. If a tenant has provided his official information, he will be fearful that the police will come to his workplace, and he will lose his job and be unable to find another place to live.

It helps in the better maintenance and security of the premises:

When police verification is finished, tenants take proper care of the leased property and pay rent on time. He does not tamper with the structure or do any harm to it. He is aware that his paperwork is with the police and that if the landlord files any complaints with the police, his record will be blackened.

So, These are the reasons Why is tenant verification necessary, lets now discuss How to do tenant verification?

How to do tenant verification?

Tenant verification can be performed at a nearby police station, however opting for a professional tenant verification services is always a preferred option. We at Integritas provide complete tenant verification services. Contact our team for all types of tenant background checks to find out the entire history of your tenant. We know how to manage and resolve the terms and conditions with authenticity. Do not try to solve your confusion alone. Contact us since we’re just a couple of clicks away. We are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just take our services because we are a renowned nationwide tenant verification service that delivers fast and timely verification services.


We hope you now understand Why is tenant verification necessary, and how to do it?. According to the tenant verification law, all property owners must undergo tenant verification or tenant screening before renting out their property. It enables you to learn more about the individuals to whom you would give your property for a specific period of time. You must be thoroughly informed of their history of stays and, if any, criminal histories. This assists you in selecting the best people to reside on your property.

In addition to our standard background verification services, Integritas also offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that every organization has different requirements, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. Our company also offers different services like Vehicle Insurance Verification, Social Media Check, Drug Test, Education Verification and database check to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal.



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