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With an increasing number of internet literacy, 3rd party verification is now accepted and conducted in developing countries like India, China etc. In India third-party verification made compulsory only to finance-related companies like fintech companies, stockbroking firms and banks. They mainly depend upon their employees or agents who complete the work and to fulfil the compliance of the law. Beside this in India issuing of a proper tax invoice and acknowledged receipt is compulsory to the customer whether a sale has been made during its physical presence or virtual presence like online shopping or teleshopping. This reduces the risk of identifying the customer and don’t need any 3rd party verification to be done. But, when it comes to recruitment, employers always want them to have a trustworthy workforce. Information provided by the recruits is correct. This is the place where 3rd party verification comes to work in India.

In India, 3rd party verification is mainly used to perform pre-employment verifications. This task is mainly performed by almost every large corporate. Mostly by the IT companies as they usually have by the highest rate of employee turnover. 3rd party verification companies validate the provided information either by visiting the address in the information and calling to the number or by getting validated by the local police. But our multi-lingual support allows us to work anywhere in India, so we deliver what we validate. Currently, we are working in three cities.

In this list first, we come up with Chennai. This city is the largest city of southern India both by size and population. This city houses many offices of many tech giants like Cognizant. We are providing our reliable third-party verification service in Chennai through our strong agency there. We deliver instant, accurate and validated the information. Besides this, we are offering employee outsourcing and other human resources related service.

Next city we are into business is Bangalore. Bangalore or Bengaluru is known as “Silicon Valley of the east”. From its tag line, you must have known about its importance. This houses the head offices of the largest number of tech companies and has the largest number of tech start-ups. Being the home to the highest number of start-up, need a large number of man force. We also provide all the human resources related service along with 3rd party verification in Bengaluru. And our identity instant and proper validated information are also provided with 24/7 support is provided.

The city in which we are delivering our service in Hyderabad. This city houses office of two multi-billion tech companies, Google India and Amazon India. Setting aside them, this city houses the largest start-up hub of India called “T-Hub”. These newly set up companies require huge man force. That’s why we provide here our affordable human resource services. Besides this, we provide third-party verification service in Hyderabad with our signature delivery of instant and proper validated information along with 24/7 support.

Why Integritas?

3rd party verification is a procedure of getting confirmed by an independent party of a certain type of information like identity or address that is received by the client and to validate by them.

3rd party verification often conducted for online transactions or transaction done on a phone where the client is unable to provide the required information in written form.

In many parts of the world especially in western markets like US and UK, this technique is used widely to identify and get access information about their potential customers.

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