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The price of a bad employee

Many lies can be written on a Curriculum vitae. These include the forgery about the studies or bump of responsibilities and titles, overstatement in the form of salary, misleading representation of nature and date of joining and the declaration of having a work permit in a country is not helpful. Bradford Smart demonstrates in his e-book, Top grading 201: How to Avoid Costly Mis-Hires, that a bad employee costs his employer, on average, four times his annual salary for supervisors and up to fifteen times his annual salary for senior managers. These costs are even higher if the employee is guilty of workplace fraud.

Don’t make mistakes while you recruiting the person

Hiring the terrible individual can have an impact throughout the company and harm company’s reputation, discourage the employees and destroys it is all kind of assets. Employers and human resource must take special precautions to get all related information of their applicant, comprising his/her employment record. Recruiting a terrible employee does not only inflict damage on a company; it is also against the law in some countries.

Difficulties in internal pre-employment screening

Background checks are becoming more common, but practices and policies vary from one organization to another. All companies can develop background check programs and policies that meet their needs, so some can focus on employment confirmation or references, while others will require criminal record checks, diploma confirmation, credit investigation and social media research.

Conducting internal pre-employment background checks is a costly practice, both in terms of time and resources. Although complicated for all organizations, it is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, it requires specialized knowledge that most recruiters and hiring managers lack.

Benefits of third-party pre-employment screening

By using third-party services, human resources specialists focus all-important feature of the hiring process: recruiting and training new talent. Providers of pre-employment screening may comprise:

  • speeding up the recruitment process,
  • Allow subject matter specialists to handle the audit,
  • Free up the employer’s staff to allow them to focus on profitable jobs,
  • Promoting the observance of all laws of federal and provincial.

Employment screening services in Bangalore

We are one of the fastest growing background check companies in India. It integrates technology into background checks and makes it simpler and more accurate. We offer comprehensive background check solutions through state-of-the-art technology and searches of the largest databases to create a trusted environment in which organizations can hire and conduct their business with confidence. We are specialized in Pre-Employment Background Screening services contributor in India, which headquarter is in Bangalore. It is a group of highly trained professionals working with companies in hiring the most qualified, favorable and reliable candidate for the organization.

 We offer Pre-Employment vérification in Bangalore and are one of the best providers of on-demand background screening services. It helps the worldwide organizations to hire the best candidates consistently, easily and quickly. We have the ability to verify the all information that is provided in your application for job. We ensure the best-fit recruit of the personnel with high caliber for your clients and we do not ever compromise the professional integrity by hiring non-professional personnel.

Our services are included of background check and complete screening services, our team is dedicated qualified, professional and experienced and have complete knowledge and insight of industry trends. Our offices are operating in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmadabad and our representatives are in Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad to help you. 

If you are looking for an agency that operates in Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Bangalore, provides Pre-Employment Verification services please contact us. Hiring an employee is as costly as it is time-consuming. You must exercise due diligence by having your candidates’ background checks carried out by competent services.

Why Integritas?

Recruitment committees, telephone and personal interviews, tests or any different selection techniques are not safe and sufficient to prevent recruiters or employers from making poor decisions. Looking for the best employee is very difficult sometimes. There are times when someone wants to recruit individuals without checking any background. What they’ll you do if their candidate is actually a totally different person than the one they met in the recruitment? Bad hiring decisions are very dangerous.

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