Employee Background Verification for Employers and Employees

Businesses face various human asset challenges. Enrolling the correct representative for the correct activity is one of the most basic difficulties. Employers can no longer rely only on placement interviews to take effective decision. Employee Background verification or screening is a process that allows employers to verify information such as education, and prior job history and performance of the candidate. 

Every process has two sides – pros and cons. Now lets evaluate the pros and cons wrt employer and employee to understand the screening process better.

Advantages to the employer :

  1. Individual background screening uncovers lies in resumes or CV and fill the ‘spaces’ at interviews. This helps the employer to hire only legitimate candidates only.
  2. An intensive personal investigations or verification secures the employer’s business against conceivable, future lawsuits.
  3. Globalization has made it simpler for individuals to abandon their previous lives and personalities, and continue, afresh, in another town, state or even nation, deleting any stains on their character as they go. Records and information are dispersed and don’t generally add up. It is truly, useless, depending on the data provided by a candidate for an occupation. A criminal is very unlikely to reveal a true picture of their past lives.

Disadvantages to the employer :

  1. Numerous organizations have confronted suit for not performing individual verifications or screening. Many fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart were once associated with negligence lawsuits. They have since reconsidered their organization strategy and now perform stringent historical verifications on every potential worker.
  2. Many employee background screening organizations charge hefty in terms of money and time and for this reason, many employers fail to carry out thorough checks.

Advantages to employees :

  1. The employer or an organization who vets each and every candidate are aware of the duty to maintain a safe workplace to their employees. Hence, employees get to work in a safe workplace environment.

Disadvantages to employees :

  1. Most of us feel background screening is an invasion of one’s privacy.
  2. A lot of times the background screening of the employee provides information that you would rather not disclose in front of a potential employer.
  3. A person might miss a golden opportunity for making mistakes in this youth regardless of today’s experience, qualification and integrity.
  4. In the present condition of psychological oppression, security checks are getting increasingly significant and in this way, progressively normal. It may soon be a thing of the past to be able to get a job without first passing stringent security checks.

For an employer to make smart decision they need to partner with an organization that provides information of the vetting candidate under less time frame and less billing value may help create safe workplaces.

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