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Insurance Check

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What Is an Insurance Check?

An insurance check involves checking an individual’s insurance coverage information and legitimacy by connecting and communicating with an insurance company. In other words, the process of verifying insurance claims to prevent fraud or denials is referred to as insurance verification. The healthcare industry also provides medical treatment to thousands of individuals claiming health insurance. It is because not everyone can afford the best hospital services with an immediate cash deposit. This is where insurance comes into play, insurance can help an individual pay for healthcare expenses. However, many individuals who claim to have health insurance are scammers as they prepare their fake insurance documents and try to get rid of high expenses on healthcare services. Sometimes they provide incorrect information about the insurance payer and get free medical treatment. The insurance check procedure is essential to avoid claim rejections. This must be completed as the first step to estimate the fees and patient’s responsibility, also known as the patient’s share, and get any necessary prior information about whether the insurance coverage and the insurance provider they are providing details of are genuine or not and can take appropriate action before getting scammed.

While an Insurance check is an important step to ensure the service provided is covered, it is also considered time-consuming and tedious. Don’t worry we at Integritas are here to help you out by conducting insurance checks for you.

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We provide insurance verification services that reduce claim denials and ensure timely payment.If you find that verifying insurance claims is taking up too much time and using staff resources that might be better used elsewhere, outsourcing your insurance verification services to us may be an excellent option. With Integritas, you can use our medical insurance specialists’ skills and experience to streamline and enhance your insurance eligibility verification process. Our insurance check professionals comprehensively understand various coverage and plans and have worked with government and commercial payers.

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Why Should You Perform an Education check While Recruiting?

If a candidate wants to be considered for any entry-level job, candidates need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Some candidates may exaggerate their credentials to distinguish themselves from the competition and ultimately get the job. Since an applicant’s educational history provides employers with information about the applicant’s competencies, skills, and knowledge level, providing false information about education and because of this, the business could end up hiring individuals who aren’t qualified, which would be bad for both their business and their reputation.

Importance of Insurance Check

Insurance companies regularly makes policy modifications and adjustments to their health plans. As a result, the medical billing organization or provider must confirm that the patient is covered under the new plan to get maximum compensation. Conducting insurance checks and details about insurance coverage improves claim acceptance on the first submission. Still, non-verification causes various inconveniences such as rework decreased patient satisfaction, and increased mistakes, in addition to delays and rejections.

Here are some of the points regarding the importance of insurance verification.

Enhances Cash Flow

Accurate insurance verification leads to clean claims and faster acceptance and billing cycles. Inadequate eligibility and plan-specific benefit verification put healthcare businesses at risk of claim rejections, denials, and bad debt.

Reduces the number of claim rejections and denials

Verifying insurance coverage for treatments or equipment in advance leads to fewer claims being rejected. Since insurance information is constantly changing, failing to keep up with ever-changing regulatory standards may result in denied claims, billing problems, and payment delays. Healthcare professionals must be cautious and check the member’s eligibility each time services are given.

Boosts Patient Satisfaction

10 out of 9 customers want to know their payment obligations upfront. It is very important to contact the patient’s insurance provider before performing the surgery or providing the services to confirm that the patient’s health insurance covers it. Errors in executing efficient insurance verification or sending a claim for a process that the patient’s insurance provider does not cover or that is delivered by providers outside the employee’s health insurance provider network will leave the medical business financially vulnerable and disappointed. As a consequence, the patient will be required to pay for all of the treatments. This is not only awful for patients but also bad for healthcare organizations.

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