Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees

Background Screening

Businesses lose a lot of money each year as a result of employees that reflect a negative change in behaviour. Before employing someone, most businesses do a background check. The employee’s record could be clean at the time of employment, but it could change over time.

A background check performed at the time of employment only covers up to that point of time and does not predict what will happen in the future. Employers that are concerned about violence in the workplace or fraud might want to consider doing background checks on existing workers on a regular basis.

Certain professions in finance, security, or healthcare may need frequent employee screening to safeguard the safety of everyone inside the company. Employees might pose security risks inside a business by stealing information or secret files or destroying corporate equipment.

Employees are held responsible by periodic checks, and only trustworthy persons have access to sensitive information.

In this article we will discuss Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees.

Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees

When individuals are employed they are not necessarily concerned about how their behaviors may affect the workplace culture. Employers that use tough background verification services are notified to any possible hazard that the business may face as a result of irresponsible employees.

Here are some of the Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees:

Job Efficiency

Individuals may be unaware that their personal habits have a significant influence on the job environment. Just as a positively motivated person drives the team to succeed, a negative employee’s behaviours inhibit the organization’s performance. For example, an employee who is addict to drugs or alcoholic beverages may begin using these substances even while at work. This will result in inefficiencies and delays in work, impeding the company’s workflow and production.

Workplace Safety

Maintaining workplace safety and security is essential to maintaining focused staff working around the clock to achieve the company’s objectives. Employers have a moral duty to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Individuals who engage in illegal activity might do significant harm to other employees. To avoid such a catastrophe, businesses should conduct periodic checks on their employees.

Workplace Criminal Activity

If you detect any illegal or criminal activity at your business, it’s usually time to do an employee background check. It may have been difficult to discern a person’s motivations and interests at first. However, if you suspect that an employee is abusing his position, stealing private information, getting engaged in pointless conflicts, and so on, do a thorough background check. Always remember that it is better to be safe than being regretful.

How Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees Can Be Beneficial

Assume you’re currently happy with the work your current bookkeeper is performing for your business and have no concerns about putting all of your company’s daily banking responsibilities in the hands of this individual. What if, however, a fresh background check revealed that she had lately been put on probation for flouting a number of “hot” checks? Wouldn’t you want to get this information as soon as possible?

Similarly, many employers often require employees to transport their products long miles before stopping to stock the shelves of multiple stores who purchase from them. What if one or more of your drivers has severe drinking, illicit drug, or health issues? Assume such issues are forcing him to disregard your safe driving regulations, placing others on the road in grave danger?

While little is known about the Walmart truck driver who recently collided in road accident with comedian Tracy Morgan’s limousine van, you can bet Walmart and other businesses are reviewing their policy around how regularly they check in on their drivers. After all, an employee who has just been arrested on a weekend DUI charge is not someone you want behind the wheel of your company’s 18-wheeler, particularly if the person’s drinking habit is still out of control.

the business who understand the Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees and conduct periodic background screening are less exposed to the harm on the business from their employees.

Who Should Have a Periodic Background Check?

A changes in job position, for example, may need rescreening of an employee. A new work duties, such as managing financial information or requiring a higher degree of security, may need re-screening. If the first background check did not have this information, it is unquestionably required.

Employees who have worked with the organization for a long time may not have been requested to perform a background check at first, or the organization’s policies and processes may have evolved over time. Current employees must adhere to the same processes as new recruits. It is possible that parts of a background check were not previously conducted.

Finally, if an employee displays anomalous or questionable conduct, re-screening may be necessary. An occurrence or mishap that is not characteristic of the conduct may suggest the use of alcohol or drugs.

If HR changes its background screening procedures, it is a good idea to hold all workers to the same standards, which would necessitate screening of all employees.

Considerations For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees

If an employer decides to screen current employees, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the checks are beneficial to the business. If the complete personnel is not tested, discrimination may be claimed, therefore make sure everyone is re-checked within a fair period of time.

When employees are recruited, it is recommended practice to advise them that periodic background checks are part of the job. The policy should specify how frequently the employee will be screened.

Rescreening employees may be illegal depending on state law and whether or not the employer is deemed ‘at will.’ Before doing background checks on its employees, the business should verify all local and state legislation. If anything is detected during the inspection, the employee must be informed and given the opportunity to challenge any inconsistencies. Integritas professionals can assist you with your employment requirements and are available to answer any queries you may have.

Partner With a Professional Re-Screening Provider

As now we have already discussed the Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees. The partnership with a professional re-screening provider is also an important aspect to safeguard your business. Integritas has been serving the business community for decades, offering high accuracy credentials and background information on applicants and current employees. We can assist you know where you stand with your personnel at any moment by streamlining your re-screening procedure.

To know further about our periodic employee screening procedures, please contact the Integritas team.


As we have already discussed the Reasons For Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees, Do you still believe that periodic background screening are unimportant? You’ve seen how failing to Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees may be catastrophic to your business in more ways than one. All it takes is one employee mistake to bring all you’ve worked crashing down your business. Contact our professional team at integritas, if you want assistance with Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees. Our team has extensive expertise assisting organisations with Conducting Periodic Background Screening on Existing Employees. Also, feel free to join our email list to be alerted whenever we publish a similar article.

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