Third-Party Verification

A business or company may employ an independent agency to carry out a third-party verification (TPV) in order to evaluate and authenticate a client’s data and intents and so guarantee correctness. Prior to returning or transferring a potential customer to a salesperson, sales departments utilize third-party verification to make sure they are interested in or willing to buy a product. TPV is also utilized when a client wishes to update or submit information but is unable to do so easily because the change is taking place over the phone or online and not in a tangible contract or copy.

It is the best method for confirming one’s credentials because employers and human resource executives in any company lack the expertise to handle the finer points of background checks. Furthermore, outsourcing the task significantly cuts down on the time and effort required for the full background check process. Such checks take two to three days to complete, and an exhaustive report is produced for the employer to review.

Background checks include checking academic records, criminal histories, credit scores, and any other credentials the customer may request. To prevent careless hiring, all businesses should thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of everyone they hire for their organization. All employers need to be aware that background checks involve more than just looking through documents or Google searches. It is simple to present oneself falsely in order to obtain employment. Once the deed is completed, it cannot be undone.

Integritas is one of the best third-party verification providers and has an experienced staff operating globally to conduct prompt and accurate background checks on employees of our client companies. Our team is made up of people who are professionals in their fields, accountable for their responsibilities, and eager to work at all hours. As a result, we are accessible to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our customer service staff answers quickly any questions clients may have. We have professional connections in various countries, so we can easily carry out our duties even if international borders must be crossed.

In this article, we will discuss What is third-party verification and how to do it? but first, let’s discuss The importance of verification.

The importance of verification

You might be wondering why corporations bother with the laborious employment verification process as it takes time and effort, but it’s the best way for organizations to guard against poor recruits. Employers can be sure they’re employing the right people by conducting employment verification throughout the interview process, which is essential for finding good employees.

Hopefully, this has clarified what third-party employment verification is as well as any other fundamental queries you may have had. Because it saves time and money, most businesses use third-party verification. Along with employment verification, Integritas offers background screening services and storage for employment documentation.

What is third-party verification?

The term “third-party background check” refers to an employer employing an outside business to do a background check on an applicant. Most employee background checks are performed by third parties since most employers lack the resources, manpower, or know-how to do these background checks themselves.

Many background checks involve information that is already publicly known. Criminal records are not kept in a vault that only background check firms have access to. Instead, most of those documents are filed in county courthouses, where anybody with no special authorization may access them. A lot of this material is also accessible on the internet.

Some businesses feel that by combining these findings with social media profiles and other web information, they may avoid using a third party and do their own background checks on new workers. A full background check, on the other hand, is a more complicated procedure than looking on Google or visiting a local county courthouse.

Many specific checks and searches are commonly included in quality employee background checks, ranging from criminal history searches in the counties where an applicant has resided to verifications of job history and education. It takes time and effort to locate the appropriate contacts, documents, or data points for all of the checks that an employer may wish to run on an applicant. Recruiting a third-party background check provider might save a hiring manager or HR professional time and effort.

The Process of Verification

All of the information regarding a candidate’s prior and present employment is gathered and organized by a third party. The third-party company is then contacted by someone with the required authorization, who is given the login details and a code that serves as the employee’s identification. The pertinent information they require for employment verification is then available to them.

Guidelines when looking for a third-party verification

In order to get the precise quantity of information required, third-party suppliers collaborate with the police, courts, government organizations, and data providers. These businesses help a company handle its data securely and in a professional manner. They keep all employee information in a repository that can be immediately accessible by the business’s owners in case of a discrepancy.

Given the abundance issue, choosing the best third-party vendor for background checks should be a top concern. The following are some guidelines to keep in mind when looking for a third-party background verification vendor:

  • The best background check business will keep you informed of any pending legislation, policy changes, and other alterations.
  • You can have complete confidence in a company that provides end-to-end background verification services and has a dedicated proprietary infrastructure for conducting background checks. They finish the job at hand earlier than any layperson would be able to.
  • The needs of any company will continue to Therefore, it is best to look for a provider who can meet all of your needs. Any background checking business that is adaptable enough to meet those shifting requirements would be a good fit.
  • Third-party vendors have their own private databases of colleges that have been blacklisted; HR businesses have updated contact information to speed up turnaround.
  • Both pre-employment and post-employment screening isessential in order to catch any flaws that may have been previously missed. Always choose a company that conducts thorough background checks.
  • A perfect company will never jeopardisecustomer data privacy. Vendors must be able to handle compliance with the nation’s relevant data privacy regulations.
  • Many tasks that were previously performed manually by background check third-party organizations have been automated, including identity checks that cannot be performed using API calls, address checks that can be performed remotely using a cutting-edge geo-location and KYC solution, and education verification through NAD’s database in cases involving young millennial and Gen Z hires.
  • Background check companies research the fraud strategies employed by job seekers and are often one step ahead of scammers.
  • By screening a candidate’s past using cutting-edge technologies, information about them can be discovered as quickly as feasible. Employers who need to investigate candidates’ backgrounds must utilize the most up-to-date technology to avoid issues like delayed results and gaps in the verification process.

These businesses can also provide HR directors and startup founders with advisory services so they can add important non-compete and non-disclosure terms to their employment contracts. These will help them stay within the law and protect them from employees who leave suddenly or divulge confidential corporate information to third parties.


We hope now you completely understand what is third-party verification and how to do it. It can be risky for security in a time when we rely so heavily on the internet and phone calls to complete transactions. We can’t be assured that the caller is who they claim to be on the other end of the line. We must take action to protect our clients given the unprecedented highs of identity theft and cybercrime.

Third-party verification is the best option if you want to maximize your business and provide your clients with the best service possible. It’s also crucial to confirm whether third-party verification is required. You may enhance your procedures and protect your customers by partnering with an impartial verifier.

In today’s professional environment, there is a greater demand than ever for a skilled, professional, and dependable workforce. The demand for competency among top-tier experts has become even more essential for an organization, firm, or industry’s success. IGS is aiming to deliver highly trustworthy and skilled personnel to all types of working industries. Integritas is a worldwide firm that mainly focuses on background screening of our client companies’ and organizations’ personnel and aids them in hiring the best possible workforce for their businesses. So what are you waiting for? Opt for Integritas today.


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